"The Astonishing Songwriting Secrets Of The Most Famous... Most Successful... And Most
Brilliant Songwriters In The World!"

"Learn to enjoy writing the best songs of your life... with the amazing secrets and discoveries in this just-released "For Songwriters Only" course that is dramatically changing songwriter's lives literally overnight "

Dear Friend,

Imagine this. You're sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair.

All of a sudden, something happens.

The thing that happened used to be a mysterious thing. It used to occasionally happen out of the blue but you now control this, and it happens all the time.

Instantly, you get up and walk over to your instrument. You pick it up, full of confidence and a strange uplifting feeling. You begin playing. As you play, the most miraculous sound comes out. This is something you've never played before, but you're not surprised because new and exciting musical ideas are second nature to you these days.

There was once a time when you didn't always come up with gold straight away, but now you are accustomed to digging for musical gold every day, and getting it too.

You continue to play your instrument. This new idea grows, evolves and transforms before your eyes and ears. It's strange. It's not like you're really controlling it, but you look down and it is your hands that are doing the playing.

Within a few hours, it's complete. You've written yet another breathtaking piece of music. You're proud as punch. You sit back in your chair and enjoy the warm feeling that comes over your body.

You can't wait to show your loved ones this new song. Not that it's unexpected to them that you've come up with another brilliant piece, but it still causes them to tremble with emotion every single time.

Life is good. You've cracked the genius songwriting code. You know how to easily manipulate a powerful creative process within yourself. Your life as a musician is filled with wonder, inspiration and success.

Now let me ask you a question.

Is this story about you?

And if not would you like it to be?

Unfortunately, Most Musicians
Never Have This Kind Of
Success With Their Songwriting

Why do most musicians fail at writing great music? Or why do they write music that uses only a fraction of their full potential as a songwriter?

A lot of this has to do with the way you were brought up. You see, with the traditional style of learning that happens in the school systems, you were taught to sit up and pay attention. You were scolded if you were caught in a daydream or if your attention was anywhere besides the black board.

The problem is that this gradually conditioned you out of being creative.

Now, whenever you pick up your instrument to write music, you are still caught up in this narrow minded trance where your creativity is blocked. If you could let even a fraction more of your potential creativity through the cracks, you would open yourself up to mind boggling musical possibilities.

Most musicians that I know are like this. Great ideas don't come easily. They get caught up on chasing the perfect melody, and it never arrives because they have closed off much of their creativity.

A Few Years Ago, I Was Caught In A Similar Rut

I loved songwriting, but things just weren't happening for me. Every time I went to write new music I would get caught up in the same old patterns. Every song sounded the same and things felt bland.

How could I break new ground with my music? How could I write inspiring, fresh music that moved people?

One day, sick and tired of writing the same old bland music, I decided to do something about it. I couldn't stand the idea of writing stale, boring music the rest of my life, destined to a failed music career.

I went on a personal mission to discover how great music is created. I read books. I listened to tapes. I went to seminars on how to become a great songwriter. But the frustrating part was that most of what I learned was WRONG. Most of it simply didn't work when I tried it!

Have you ever read those books and articles that tell you how to write the perfect hook, or hand you the chord progression that will unlock a magical chorus?

These things sound great in theory, but when you try and apply the ideas to your music, they always fall short.

I tried everything I could get my hands on, but the further I got, the more I realized that the answer I was looking for was something else.

The great musicians of the world surely don't read up on how to write a great hook. No way. There's something else at play here. What makes a great composer or songwriter tick? More on this in a few minutes...

The sad thing is: most musicians stay in this rut forever. They never break out. Instead of creating amazing music that has an IMPACT on the world, they stay stale and bland. Their music never goes very far because it is unoriginal, and doesn't have that "special something that a great songwriter so easily creates.

Instead of writing song after song of breathtaking material that they are truly proud of, they barely pass an albums worth of mediocre material and end up abandoning the dream of being a respected artist.

It doesn't have to be this way!

This is where I come in.

I've spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about writing breathtaking music that deeply impacts those who hear it.

I made it my personal mission to discover exactly how great music is created.

And I have nailed it down to exact steps that can be followed which will unleash the master songwriter inside of you.

The questions that drove my research was this:

How does a musical genius write music?

Why Can They Write Music So
Much More Powerful And
Inspiring Than The Average musician?

I researched as much as I could on the way the great songwriters of the world write music. I'm not talking about the average songwriter who has had a hit or two and knows how to write a catchy lick.

I'm talking about bonafide songwriting geniuses who's music has literally changed the planet.

Why are they able to create masterpieces? How do they create music that seems to have a "magical" aura surrounding it? What are they doing inside their minds to access such unbelievable creativity? It's questions like these that drove me to some incredible discoveries.

In my research I came across an interesting quote from noted scientist Win Wenger about how genius happens:

"Over the years, my studies have led me consistently to the conclusion that geniuses are little more than ordinary people who have stumbled upon some knack or technique for widening their channel of attention..."

As you can see from this quote, a genius in any field is just an ordinary person who, for some reason or another, discovered a way to use their resources in a different way to normal.

In the case of a musical genius, this means that...

This "Different Way" Of Writing Music
Is What Gets The Amazing Results

This means that if you could discover the "knack" or "technique" for musical genius, then you could use this method for creating music. You could get the amazing results of a musical genius.

Spurred by this new information I became an expert in topics like cognitive psychology, neural linguistics programming, human genius, and creativity. The more I delved into these fields the more amazing discoveries I made about the human brain and what it can accomplish if you know how to use it properly.

As I learned these new, fascinating concepts, I began to formulate techniques and procedures to incorporate the concepts into my songwriting.

I was able to multiply the quality
of my song ideas by at least 20 times...

The results were phenomenal. With some easy "tweaks" to my approach, I was able to multiply the quality of my song ideas by at least 20 times.

Amazing musical ideas came thick and fast.

And the more I incorporated this new knowledge into my music creation process, the more the quality and uniqueness of my ideas increased... fresh...inspiring... filled with magic and wonder.

My music career flourished. People that heard my music were in awe. My friends couldn't believe the transformation my songwriting had gone through.

And every day I would go back into my office and bury myself in my research, to learn more about how musical genius happens. Every day I had new discoveries and insights into how amazing music is created.

All of a sudden I realized I had
discovered something VERY valuable

This new method of music creation was one that any musician could use to greatly accelerate their songwriting abilities. By showing someone exactly how to embrace these new concepts and use them to write music, they too could feel the miraculous results that I have experienced.

One day I decided to put this idea to the test. Over a period of three days I visited three of my closest musician friends. I told them that I had discovered something that could really affect the way they approached music.

They all agreed to test these methods for themselves to see if these ideas could be applied over different genres of music.

The Results Were Awe-Inspiring,
Although This Time I Wasn't Surprised

The thing is: the information I shared with my musician friends was only really the tip of the iceberg. When I told them this they're faces lit up with curiosity and excitement. In this excitement, one of my friends blurted out "You have to write a book! You have to write a book!"

So that's what I've done. I've taken the time to write down everything that I've learned and discovered in my new book in plain, easy-to-understand language. A good friend of mine showed me how to publish the book online and make it available to you for instant download.

This book is called The Songwriting Genius Within You : What Every Musician Should Know About Writing Music

I've learned that most songwriters approach writing music exactly the WRONG way. These mistakes cause them to never uncover even a fraction of their potential as a songwriter.

In my book I teach you how to think and act like a great, even genius songwriter. I teach you how you change the way you approach your songwriting, and how and why the results will FAR exceed what you're currently getting.

You Will Discover How To "Draw Out"
Your Most Creative And Brilliant Ideas

You will be amazed as these ideas flow out of you, completely effortlessly, but utterly inspiring.

If you don't know anything about Songwriting but you love the idea of impressing your friends, family and fans with some fine music written by you, this book will get you off to the perfect start.

If you've already "caught the music bug" but been disappointed with your results (or lack thereof), this book will catapult you past this barrier and into an ocean of marvellous inspiration.

If you are already an excellent Songwriter, but you know that you've got far more potential, but don't know how to discover it: this book will give you the answers you are looking for.

You may be looking to make a career for yourself in the music industry and become a highly celebrated songwriter, writing hit after hit. Or maybe you'd like to write some seriously good music to go out and dominate your local scene. Or even write the perfect song to give to your partner as a beautiful gift. That's fine. Whatever your situation, this book will help you.

By the way, this book isn't a collection of worthless Songwriting information that you could get anywhere for free.

This book is full of fresh, original ideas all backed by years of my own personal psychological research and my own real world experience learning from scratch. I'm not kidding around with you - I learned all this stuff the hard way. You won't find this kind of information in any other book - I guarantee it.

I've decided to publish this manual only as an 'eBook'... which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately, right from the privacy and comfort of your computer...

“Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll
   Learn Inside My Informative eBook”

Here's a sample of some of the great things you'll learn:

  • I searched for 3 years for an easy way to sink into a deep, creative songwriting trance of pure inspiration. After these years of fruitless research I finally found a way that works. It was the last thing I would have ever thought of. It was only a bizarre coincidence that led me to this answer. In chapter 5 you will learn how to find inspiration easily and the strange story that led me to this remarkable discovery.


  • What is the secret to writing lyrics that cause your listeners to feel powerful emotion and feel moved in a way that they can't explain? Once you know this secret you will know exactly what to say, how to say it, and why it will cause such a profound emotional reaction from your listeners.


  • What is the five second exercise that can prove to yourself that you’re only using a tiny fraction of your songwriting potential?


  • The step by step procedure that will allow more growth in two weeks than 20 years of traditional musical training. I know… I know… unfair right? Yes, this is the unfair advantage when it comes to music inspiration. This is my favourite secret weapon and you won’t believe the impact it will have on your abilities to deliver amazing music.


  • Learn exactly what “inspiration” is, why it happens, and how you can deliberately cause “inspiration” to happen to you over and over again.


  • How to “cause” infectious, hypnotic melodies to simply “come to you” with no apparent effort.


  • The secret to surrounding your music with a magical aura that forces your fans to become charged with powerful emotion as they hear your music.


  • What is the psychological law that will easily multiply your creativity, but if ignored will run your songwriting into the ground?


  • Exactly why are most songwriting methods completely ineffective, frustrating, and massive time wasters? The answer is not what you think…


  • The secrets behind those special artists who have created highly acclaimed  “musical masterpieces”, and how you can use this knowledge to create a never ending flow of your own masterpieces.


  • Discover what goes on inside the mind of a musical genius as they write music. And learn how you can integrate this way of thinking into your own music. When you do this you will tap into your greater creative powers, and your songwriting abilities will be magnified by many times.


  • The one thing you absolutely mustn’t do as you write music. If you do this it’s guaranteed that you won’t discover any fresh ideas, and your creativity will be completely blocked. Unfortunately, this is a strong habit in most songwriters.


  • Why do some musicians evolve and create amazing music while others stay at the same, boring mediocre level? Understanding this important concept will free you up to be one of those “forever evolving” songwriters.  


  • How to understand and adopt the mindset and thinking behind great songwriting. With some simple “tweaks” to your mindset you will begin to be “in the flow” of ideas, and soon see that you are capable of just about anything musically wise.


  • The three reasons that it’s impossible you are not a creative and talented songwriter. When you realize this you will see what’s been holding you back from your best song ideas. Once removed from this, you are free to create, create, create song after song… and the quality of your writing will be on an upwards spiral.


  • Where does musical genius come from? Is somebody born a musical genius? The surprising answer will unlock the door to incredible musical possibilities.


  • What are the 5 reasons that 99% of songwriters fail miserably, and how you can use this to your advantage to dominate your genre?


  • How to easily tap into your richer, "genius" resources. Once you do this, you'll begin to have song ideas of a quality you'll find hard to believe... and writing breathtaking masterpieces will become easy.


  • The most powerful point in the songwriting “process” and how you can leverage this point to create an ever lasting flow of golden musical ideas


  • How to write spellbinding music that will move you and your listeners to tears


  • Exactly why you will be WAY ahead of the crowd as you adopt this method, and how anyone who doesn’t use these techniques is severely disadvantaged


  • How to develop a vision for you and your music, and how this will make you an unstoppable force as you speed towards your biggest musical aspirations


  • Why learning how to write music in a traditional way is blocking your best ideas, and how you can “unblock” this  passage way, and let your most brilliant ideas flow out of you easily


  • The part of your mind that controls at least 1000 times more creative power than what you’re currently using to write music


  • Learn exactly what happens in the mind of a musical genius, and how you can adopt this method and get similar results with your songwriting


  • You will learn exactly why a musical genius produces songs so far above the normal standard, and how you can incorporate this method to get the same results


  • Learn how to amplify the musical signal in your mind by at least 10 times. When you do this you will hear musical ideas so clearly in your head the tremendous inspiration will be overwhelming


  • How to greatly accelerate your development on your instrument, progressing more in 3 weeks than you have in the last 3 years


  • What are the four secret stages of songwriting that Mozart used to write some of the greatest music of all time?


  • What are the twelve ways you can use to represent music to yourself? And what is the “magical combination” that will create the best music?


  • The strange phenomenon that occurs in geniuses in all fields. Learn why they have this, how it helps you, and how you can use it to amplify your songwriting power.


  • What do Mozart, Beethoven, Michael Jackson and even Albert Einstein have in common? Hint: this is something that you can acquire too, but only if you know how…


  • Why simply “hearing” music ideas in your head will not bring about your best ideas. And learn how to involve all of your senses in your music creation process, and how this will tap into your “hidden genius” and release incredible song ideas.


  • How to sharpen and become intimate with your internal music creation processes. Doing this will make it easy to clearly watch the creative process as it runs within you. This will make you far more adept at noticing your richer, higher quality ideas instead of letting them pass by, unnoticed.


  • How to stand out from the crowd, and create incredible music that innovates, breaks new ground, and dazzles music lovers all around the world.


  • The secret to deliberately engaging the creative process within you, so you are always in a cloud of meaningful inspiration


  • Mozart’s secret for writing some of the most recognized pieces of all time in a matter of a few hours.


  • Learn what the 4 I’s are, and how they can provide a powerful vehicle to discovering some of your best song ideas.


  • The secret to creating magical lyrics that strike a chord with a listener. Everyone gets this wrong, and once you discover this simple truth, you’ll find it easy to deliver hypnotic lyrics that captivate your listeners, transporting them to another world


  • Why musicians make songwriting a difficult chore, when it should be an amazing fun and eye opening experience.


  • What should you do first before you write a song. Hardly anyone knows this, but if you do this simple 5 minute exercise, everything will fall into place easily and effortlessly.


  • Why your “internal criteria” is the key to being a unique and original artist. Learn precisely what this is and how to use it to your full advantage.


  • Learn to leverage the power of the “sideband response”. This is how you can tap into your hidden genius. If you master just this one thing, you will multiply many times your ability to create inspirational music


  • Learn why “Socratic Method” produced 10,000000 times the rate of world class geniuses in late classical Greece and Renaissance Europe. Then be amazed as you learn how to adapt this powerful method and use it to create music and songs that can’t be touched by your peers.


  • The crucial pattern that supports creative musical songwriting. Fall into this pattern (and it’s easy when you know how) and you will be in harmony with your deepest creative resources. Disobey this law and you will always feel against the flow, and good musical ideas will be almost impossible to come by.


  • You will learn how to create music so powerful that your fans will feel pure emotion run through their bodies as they listen.


  • Learn how to write irresistible music that stuns audiences every time you perform. Imagine walking off stage to a flock of excited fans, busting to tell you how much they enjoyed your performance.


  • The 3 “songwriting procedures” that will have high quality musical ideas flowing so easily that you will have enough awesome material to last you two lifetimes!


  • How to “trim the fat”, select and hone your best ideas, and easily arrange them into compelling and powerful pieces of music.


  • How to write music that “strikes an emotional chord” with your fans, and causes them to listen to your music over and over again.


  • The 3 special techniques that “jumpstart” your creativity when you’re not in the mood, tired, or even “sick as a dog”


  • How to develop an unshakable confidence in your songwriting. This will propel you at mock speed towards your dreams as a musician.


  • And much, much, much more…

The best part is you don't have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now and be reading it within the next five minutes.

You’ll Also Get Three Additional Bonuses

When you invest in this eBook right now, you'll also get three companion eBooklets that I've written containing my NEWEST material…

In the first bonus booklet:

How To Write Your Best Album In One Month Or Less, I give you a very specific step-by-step method that will allow you to write a entire album of material in less than one month. This procedure integrates many of the secrets and concepts from the main manual, “The Songwriting Genius Within You ”, and guarantees that this album will contain your finest material to date.    

I've had many musicians write to me and say to me in person, "what are the exact steps I should take to get together an albums worth of great material without taking years"?  Well, the answers lie in this special report...


I’ll teach you:

  • The one thing that’s absolutely crucial to do before anything else. This thing affects everything you do from here, and if done correctly, the rest of your writing and compiling will fall into place effortlessly.


  • Simple “step-by-step” plans for EACH of the 6 critical stages to writing an album “masterpiece”. When followed one after another, writing a “masterpiece” almost becomes easy. (Most musicians skip at least three of these steps, which will block at least 80% of their best song ideas)


  • A simple tip that prevents the writing process from EVER becoming overwhelming or stressful. Do this and even with an intense writing schedule, your album will be a fun and joyous process.


  • The three secrets that “legendary” artists have used to create music masterpieces that have sold millions of copies, stood the test of time, and are talked about today even if the album was released many years ago.


  • How to stay focused, motivated, and in an “inspired state” throughout the entire writing process.


  • Three easy techniques that switch on an “inspired high” and use it to drive the creativity process. After doing these you will feel and enjoy the pleasant warm sensations that accompanies a deep creative trance.


  • How to develop a compelling “vision” for your music. Once you have this “end state” that you want to achieve, all your creative and critical resources will align themselves and direct them towards fulfilling this vision.


  • What “colors” and “flashing images” have to do with music, and how using them in a specific way can ignite something within you that brings you closer to “genius” level.


  • The 30 day action plan that ends with you having completed many polished, compelling pieces of music. Most songwriters would not complete even close to this amount of high quality material in a year. With this action plan, you’ll do it in a month of less.


  • The crucial “cycle” that will allow you to write a large mass of extremely quality material, and the reason why everything “comes to a screeching halt” without acknowledging this “cycle”.


  • How to keep your peers “scratching their heads” wondering how on earth you can continue to output original and compelling albums, one after another.


The Mozart Report:What Can You Learn From the Greatest Composer of All Time?
        In this fascinating report I’ll take you on a journey through the mind of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as he writes music.

       This man was the pinnacle of “musical genius” As we examine his methods; you’ll be surprised as you discover there are many small “tweaks” that you can make to your own process that will allow you to adopt the creative process of this great man.

       I guarantee that this method of writing music will be like nothing you’ve ever heard of, as well as your results as you begin to apply the strategies.

 You’ll learn:

  • The magical four step procedure Mozart used to write his best music. This step-by-step method is the reason he was able to write the famous overture to the opera “Don Giovanni” in two hours on the day of the performance.


  • How to make the mental “shifts” and adopt the four step procedure that will align your way of thinking with that of a musical genius.


  • The exercises that will allow you to develop “advanced cognitive abilities” and “thought patterns” of a musical genius


  • The physical and mental conditions that are critical to Mozart’s creative process and how you can easily create these conditions for yourself.


  • The part of Mozart’s mind that drives the whole process. Also, you will learn how you can isolate and use this part of your brain to maximize your songwriting potential.


  • How Mozart uses his neurology as a kind of “musical instrument” that once set up correctly, “plays itself” with no conscious effort. Learn the two keys to using this strategy and enjoy the effortless songwriting that flows forth.


  • The strange “loop” that Mozart uses to create the initial ideas that will eventually become finished pieces. I’d never heard anything like this, and it’s stunningly effective once you adopt it, which is simple to do when you know how.


  • The rare mental condition called “synesthesia” that allowed Mozart not only write stunning music, but have a famous “musical memory” that astounded everybody. Also learn two effective exercises that will give you all the benefits of this rare condition, without the condition itself.


  • Learn the distinctively different mindsets that are required at each stage of the songwriting process. And how to deliberately “switch” mindsets as you write music to maximize the potential of your ideas.


  • How to use the creative processes of Mozart, Einstein, Socrates, and other geniuses and integrate them into one immensely powerful process which will see you writing music at world class standard, setting the benchmark for the musicians that follow.   

FREE Video Tutorials Just For TRYING My eBook…

       “Genius Songwriting Video Tutorials”

When learning a new approach to something such as songwriting, it’s great to learn all the theory. But the point can really hit home when you see for yourself the techniques in action.

For this reason I’ve put together a video tutorial where you will see new, exciting music generated in front of your very eyes. When you see how easily new song ideas can be generated and then worked into full pieces in this demonstration, you will grow in confidence and realize that this approach is very doable, and the results are phenomenal. 

This video presentation will allow you to see the full power of this information as well as just understanding the approach in theory. It will also really help you to adapt the same approach to your songwriting, simply by following “step-by-step” what you see on the video.

As well as taking you through some “creative” exercises that draw ideas out of you, and showing you how to take this “raw morsels” and develop them into emotion charged, compelling pieces of music… I show you how to document all your best ideas so you never loose track, and never get overwhelmed by any part of this process.

This is a vital key. I personally know many musicians who have some good ideas, but they don’t know how to keep track of them. And they never end up taking action on them because they are overwhelmed. After this video tutorial this will never happen to you. 

Watching this process could be the most valuable part of this package. Not only do you see all the “theory” come to life, but you realize that spectacular music is certainly within your reach!

Because of the tremendous response I’ve had from these video tutorials… they are incredibly valuable… I’m thinking very seriously about selling them as a separate product at $100 or more. At this stage though, you can still get them as a free bonus, but know that this is a possibility and in a week they may no longer be free.

       Some of the great things you’ll learn:

  • You’ll discover a simple and easy way to replace the need for an amazing musical memory. With this technique you’ll always be completely organized and it will be easy to draw out your full potential as a songwriter.
  • Watch in disbelief as I use some of the techniques from the master manual and develop a mass of inspiring song ideas. You’ve never seen anything like this before, I promise. You’ll see how an idea surfaces… grows… twists and turns… and then how to convert it from a “rough idea” into a “musical masterpiece.”
  • Many songwriting courses demonstrate previously written ideas being worked into songs, but nobody is showing where the original ideas come from! You will watch ideas come out of thin air, and know that you’re capable of the same as you watch these powerful techniques.
  • See the process in action that relies on you building creative momentum and “bursting” into an ocean of magical inspiration. This process can be applied over a period of 14 days to create enough material for 2 or more full albums.
  • And much much more

So will this course work for you? Well, below are several case studies of musicians who have used the techniques outlined in The Songwriting Genius Within You. These musicians come from very different backgrounds, and write music in very different genres.

Also, these case studies range from beginner songwriters, right through to those who have written multiple hit singles.

Read these stories and see what you can learn from their experiences. At the very least I'm sure you'll find them quite inspiring!

Read What Others Have To Say ...

(10 of 234 recorded case studies)

Success Review 1

"Songwriting book is amazing '...

..."Put yourself out of your
"I-play-but-can't-write misery"


Geoffrey Williams' songwriting book is amazing.  If you've ever found yourself sitting at your instrument wondering why no songs are coming out, Geoff has discovered the key to unlock you and your creativity.  Put yourself out of your "I-play-but-I-can't-write" misery and get Geoff's book!

                              --Morgan Cryar  strongsongwriting.com

(Morgan's #1 hits on Christian radio include
"If I Never See a Miracle," "I Call Him Father,"
and "Pray in the USA.")


Success Review 2

"I noticed my melodies making a radical change'...

...I finally found that inner talent I've been looking for my whole life "


I first stumbled across your songwriting training while Googleing the best techniques for vocal performance.

After purchasing your book I immediately knew it was different, original, and specially useful, for people who find themselves trapped on ''the writer's block''.

It was fun, educational, and changes the life of anyone who truly have a passion for music, like me.

After using some of the ideas I noticed my melodies making a radical change. All of my songs used to sound very familiar, but after going through the book,
i finally found that inner talent i've been looking for my whole life.

Jaime Calle, New York


Success Review 3

"My lyrics are more complex, emotive,
attention grabbing ...

...I've written 20 songs in 22 days "


The Songwriting Genius Within You is set out in an easy format for reading and then applying the methods. I am not yet finished reading all the material that I received; yet, the results have been exceptional so far.To date, I've used the techniques to write the lyrics for 20 new songs in 22 days.

Before the book... I had a few songs that were simple and sophmoric.

Now... my lyrics are more complex, emotive, attention grabbing and easier to come up with.

Also, my lyrics used to take a few days to compile a song; now I'm done with a song in about 30 minutes.

Doug Dillingham jr, Stockdale


Success Review 4

"My songs seem to have a lot more of that
"something" that great songs have...

...Everyone that's known my work thus far has noticed the difference "

Your book was exactly what I'd been looking for. I really tapped into something new since reading it. Thank you.I wrote and recorded my first album of 8 songs in about six weeks. Keep in mind I'm including production time, so the time it took to write 8 great songs was substantially
less. My songs may not seem technically any more substantial; however, they seem to have a lot more of that "something" that great songs have. Everyone that's known my work thus far has noticed the difference and I'm amazed at the pace at which I was able to write my new songs.

I also noticed that as I worked on my first album, each successive song I wrote (with the book's techniques) was written, respectively, faster, with more feeling, and fluidity.


Doug Andrews at Itunes


Success Review 5

"I Think The Method Is Wonderful...

...My songs are still me and everything, but are better, more organized and put together"

I think The Songwriting Genius Within You has helped me to write better, and actually change the way I write songs. The process I mean. My songs are still me and everything, but are better, more organized and put together.

I think more melodic. I know they are more creative. I LOVE this method because it in itself is so creative. What a better way to reach creative people than this? That's right there is genius my friend. I think the whole songwriting process is faster too. (back to topic here). huh hum..

I think the method is wonderful and I am still working on the fine tuning part of it myself. I plan to use it FOREVER in my songwriting. I even have some old songs I wrote years ago I am going to use your ideas to tweak them up some with. I just love the methods you teach.

Melinda Fulford, Vernon


Success Review 6

I Find New Music Popping Into My Head More Often Than Ever Before.

And not just any music, but good stuff and closer to fully formed, closer to complete songs.

Hi Geoff. Just wanted to let you know I really like The Songwriting Genius Within You. Obviously, it inspired the hope that I can be a great songwriter.

As I started to go through the material, I noticed familiar nlp references, and the material makes sense to me. I can see how this works and can make one successful.

It's really opened me up to the idea of allowing myself to be fully creative musically. I find myself simply creating more music more often. It's a wonderful thing!

I haven't fully implemented your ideas (there's a good deal of information there), but something I've noticed is that I find new music popping into my head more often than ever before. And not just any music, but good stuff and closer to fully formed, closer to complete songs. I'm really happy with it!

John Thomas, Macon, Georgia USA



Success Review 7

I Have Come To Value This Course Greatly

...I have learned dozens of techniques and terms that I had never heard of before. They have changed the way I look at songwriting completely.

I wanted to thank you for The Songwriting Genius Within You.

I must admit, when I first read your website I was a little suspicious at first. However over time I have come to value this course greatly.

The end result is I have learned dozens of techniques and terms that I had never heard of before. They have changed the way I look at songwriting completely.

Brad J, Chicago, IL, USA



Success Review 8

... Allows Me To Tune Into My Inner Songwriter

...I'm starting to see my songwriting rise to another level and i feel sure it will keep improving from there

... When I first came across your materials I found them to be both informative and enlightening.

The techniques have really allowed me to find the quiet space in my head that allows me to tune into my inner songwriter.

I'm starting to see my songwriting rise to another level and i feel sure it will keep improving from there.

Clayton Saunders,
Melbourne, Australia


Success Review 9

"It has been said that "genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration...

...There is plenty of material out there to help composers with the 99... but very little that teaches one to be inspired. You've achieved that rare feat "

I was impressed with your email campaign. Rather just a lot of inflated claims, high-pressure tactics, and the
same old buzz words and BS, you gave examples of some of the techniques in your book...which I found interesting
and helpfulUsing your plan, (the 30 minute nightly improvisation), I generated seven quality ideas that I intend to use on my current CD project. Beyond the new ideas I generated, using your techniques, using them helped me develop the much-needed habit of looking for new ideas, stretching myself, and doing something different during my practice sessions, rather than the mindless noodling I had fallen into the habit of doing.

It has been said that "genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration." There is plenty of material out there to help beginning composers with the ninety-nine...but very little
that actually teaches one how to be inspired. You've accomplished that rare feat.

Mike Jones, Maricopa, AZ


Success Review 10

"I hadn't written any new material for 2 years...

...Now I'm currently writing 1-2 songs a week I'm happy with, and enjoy performing"


I was having trouble writing new songs, so i started asking the right questions and came across the book online.

It appealed to me as it was on a level of conciousness that i understood, which is why i purchased the book.Before i read it, i felt 'stuck' with my songwriting, i was very hard on myself writing songs and eventually found i
couldn't write anymore. Since reading it, purchasing a digital noter taker for ideas, and started writing anything that came too me. I found it very
effortless to write new songs.At the time of purchasing the book. I hadn't written any new material for 2 years. Now i am currently finished 1 - 2 songs a week i am happy with, and enjoy performing. I have recorded one of my songs recently as a demo, and i'm organising gigs in the US in December/January.

I am very happy with what the book has taught me. And i have unblocked whatever was stopping my creativity at the time of looking for the book.

Perth, Western Australia


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John Stringer, Atlanta, GA
Featuring Billboard Chart Top 10
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