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Dear Friend,

       Imagine this. You're sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair.

       All of a sudden, something happens.

       The thing that happened used to be a mysterious thing. It used to occasionally happen “out of the blue” but you now control this, and it happens all the time.

       Instantly, you get up and walk over to your instrument. You pick it up, full of confidence and a strange “uplifting” feeling. You begin playing. As you play, the most miraculous sound comes out. This is something you’ve never played before, but you’re not surprised because new and exciting musical ideas are second nature to you these days.

       There was once a time when you didn’t always come up with “gold” straight away, but now… you are accustomed to digging for “musical gold” every day, and getting it too.

       You continue to play your instrument. This new idea grows, evolves and transforms before your eyes and ears. It’s strange. It’s not like you’re really controlling it, but you look down and it is your hands that are doing the playing.

       Within a few hours, it’s complete. You’ve written yet another breathtaking piece of music. You’re proud as punch. You sit back in your chair and enjoy the warm feeling that comes over your body.

       You can’t wait to show your loved ones this new song. Not that it’s unexpected to them that you’ve come up with another brilliant piece, but it still causes them to tremble with emotion every single time.

       Life is good. You’ve cracked the “genius songwriting code”. You know how to easily manipulate a powerful creative process within yourself. Your life as a musician is filled with wonder, inspiration and success…

       Now let me ask you a question…

       Is this story about you?

       And if not… would you like it to be?

Unfortunately, Most Musicians
Never Have This Kind Of
Success With Their Songwriting

       Why do most musicians fail at writing great music? Or why do they write music that uses only a fraction of their full potential as a songwriter?

       A lot of this has to do with the way you were brought up. You see, with the traditional style of learning that happens in the school systems, you were taught to “sit up and pay attention”. You were scolded if you were caught in a daydream or if your attention was anywhere besides the black board.

       The problem is that this gradually conditioned you out of being creative.

       Now, whenever you pick up your instrument to write music, you are still caught up in this narrow minded trance where your creativity is blocked. If you could let even a fraction more of your potential creativity through the cracks, you would open yourself up to mind boggling musical possibilities.

       Most musicians that I know are like this. Great ideas don’t come easily. They get caught up on chasing the “perfect” melody, and it never arrives because they have “closed off” much of their creativity.

       A few years ago, I was caught in a similar rut.

       I loved songwriting, but things just weren’t happening for me. Every time I went to write new music I would get caught up in the “same old” patterns. Every song sounded the same and things felt bland.

       How could I break new ground with my music? How could I write inspiring, fresh music that moved people?

       One day, sick and tired of writing the same old bland music, I decided to do something about it. I couldn’t stand the idea of writing stale, boring music the rest of my life, destined to a failed music career.

       I went on a personal mission to discover how great music is created. I read books. I listened to tapes. I went to seminars on how to become a great songwriter. But the frustrating part was that most of what I learned was WRONG—most of it simply didn't work when I tried it!
       Have you ever read those books and articles that tell you how to write “the perfect hook”, or hand you the chord progression that will unlock a “magical chorus”?

       These things sound great in theory, but when you try and apply the ideas to your music, they always fall short.  

       I tried everything I could get my hands on, but the further I got, the more I realized that the answer I was looking for was something else.

       The great musicians of the world surely don’t read up on “how to write a great hook”. No way. There’s something else at play here. What makes a great composer or songwriter tick? More on this in a few minutes…

       The sad thing is: most musicians stay in this rut forever. They never break out. Instead of creating amazing music that has an IMPACT on the world, they stay stale and bland. Their music never goes very far because it is unoriginal, and doesn’t have the “zing” that a great songwriter so easily creates.

       Instead of writing song after song of breathtaking material that they are truly proud of, they barely pass an albums worth of mediocre material and end up abandoning the dream of being a respected artist.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

       This is where I come in.

       I’ve spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about creating spellbinding music that moves people.

       I made it my personal mission to discover exactly why great music is created. And I have nailed it down to exact steps that can be followed which will unleash the master songwriter inside of you.

        The questions that drove my research was this:

       How does a musical genius write music?

       Why can they write music so much more powerful and moving than the average musician?

      I researched as much as I could on the way that the great songwriters of the world write music. I'm not talking about the average songwriter who has had a hit or two and know how to write a catchy lick. I'm talking about bonafide songwriting geniuses who's music has changed the planet. I wanted to know everything I could about the way these people create music.

      Why are they able to create masterpieces? How do they create music that seems to have a "magical" aura surrounding it? What are they doing inside their minds to access such unbelievable creativity? It's questions like these that drove me to some incredible discoveries.

       In my research I came across an interesting quote from noted scientist Win Wenger about how genius happens:

       “Over the years, my studies have led me consistently to the conclusion that geniuses are little more than ordinary people who have stumbled upon some knack or technique for widening their channel of attention, thus making conscious their subtle, unconscious perceptions”

       As you can see from this quote, a genius in any field is just an ordinary person who, for some reason or another, discovered a way to use their resources in a different way to normal.

       This different way of using their resources is what gets the amazing results.

       This means that if you could discover the “knack or technique” for musical genius, then you could use this method for creating music. You could get the amazing results of a musical genius.

       Spurred by this new information I became an expert in topics like cognitive psychology, neural linguistics programming, human genius, and creativity. The more I delved into these fields the more amazing discoveries I made about the human brain and what it can accomplish if you know how to use it properly.

       As I learned these new, fascinating concepts, I began to formulate techniques and procedures to incorporate the concepts into my songwriting.

      The results were phenomenal. With some easy "tweaks" to my approach, I was able to multiply the quality of my song ideas by at least 20 times.

       Musical ideas came thick and fast.

      And the more I incorporated this new knowledge into my music creation process, the more the quality and uniqueness of my ideas increased...   fresh…inspiring… filled with magic and wonder.

       My music career flourished. People that heard my music were in awe. My friends couldn’t believe the transformation that my songwriting had gone through.

       And every day I would go back into my office and bury myself in my research, to learn more about how musical genius happens. Every day I had new discoveries and insights into how amazing music is created.

       All of a sudden I realized that I had discovered something very valuable.

       This new method of music creation was one that any musician could use to greatly accelerate their songwriting abilities. By showing someone exactly how to embrace these new concepts and use them to write music, they too could feel the miraculous results that I have experienced.

       One day I decided to put this idea to the test. Over a period of three days I visited three of my closest musician friends. I told them that I had discovered something that could really affect the way they approached music. They all agreed to test these methods for themselves to see if these ideas could be applied over different genres of music.

       Once again the results were awe inspiring, although this time I wasn’t as surprised.

       The thing is: the information I shared with my musician friends was only really the tip of the iceberg. When I told them this they’re faces lit up with curiosity and excitement. In this excitement, one of my friends blurted out “You have to write a book… You have to write a book…”

        So that's what I've done. I've taken the time to write down everything that I've learned and discovered in my new book in plain, easy-to-understand language. A good friend of mine showed me how to publish the book online and make it available to you for instant download.

       This book is called The Songwriting Genius Within You : What Every Musician Should Know About Writing Music”

       I’ve learned that most songwriters approach writing music exactly the WRONG way. These mistakes cause them to never uncover even a fraction of their potential as a songwriter.

       In my book I teach you how to think and act like a great, even genius songwriter. I teach you how you change the way you approach your songwriting, and how and why the results will FAR exceed what you’re currently getting.

       I teach you how to easily emerge yourself in a deep, creative songwriting trance.

       I teach you how to release your most creative and brilliant ideas. You will be amazed as these ideas flow out of you, completely effortlessly, but utterly inspiring.

       If you don’t know anything about Songwriting but you love the idea of impressing your friends, family and fans with some fine music written by you, this book will get you off to the perfect start.

       If you’ve already “caught the music bug” but been disappointed with your results (or lack thereof), this book will catapult you past this barrier and into an ocean of marvellous inspiration.

       If you are already an excellent Songwriter, but you know that you’ve got far more potential, but don’t know how to discover it: this book will give you the answers you are looking for.

       You may be looking to make a career for yourself in the music industry and become a highly celebrated songwriter, writing hit after hit. Or maybe you’d like to write some seriously good music to go out and dominate your local scene. Or even write the perfect song to give to your partner as a beautiful gift. That’s fine. Whatever your situation, this book will help you.

       By the way, this book isn’t a collection of worthless Songwriting information that you could get anywhere for free.

       This book is full of fresh, original ideas all backed by years of my own personal psychological research and my own real world experience learning from scratch. I'm not kidding around with you - I learned all this stuff the hard way. You won't find this kind of information in any other book - I guarantee it.

        I've decided to publish this manual only as an 'eBook'... which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately— right from the privacy and comfort of your computer...

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