How To Instantly Put Yourself In A State Of Increased Creativity And Performance

There is a mental state that psychologists call the "flow state". When a person is in "flow" they perform more creatively and at a much higher level than normal.

When you're in this "flow state" you will write your most creative, compelling songs.

Through observing highly creative musicians, athletes, businessman, and spiritual figures, scientists have discovered that there is a very specific brain wave pattern that occurs when in this state of increased performance and creativity.

If you can reproduce this brain wave pattern yourself, you will also enter into this "flow state" and reap the rewards of increased creativity and performance.

Here's an exercise that will introduce you to this ultra high creative state.

To put yourself into a "flow state", begin by closing your eyes and relaxing as much as possible. Now, begin to imagine balancing a tennis ball on the back, top part of your head. Practice this for a moment and notice the relaxed, yet alert feeling that comes over you.

This exercise will encourage your brain to begin producing "flow state" brain waves. If you do this exercise for 5 minutes before begining to write music, you will notice a big improvement in your creativity throughout the session.

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