by martin brooks

Many thanks Geoff for your emails.I'm always fascinated by these kinds of ideas.Check my ebay shop for booklets I wrote early 90s about improvisation and creativity.

I'm with you all the way,and have loads of material to publish soon. All my songs have been written extremely quickly-and recorded as first takes sometimes whole process done just as quickly as it takes to play all the parts.

Bass,rhythm,vocals and lead guitar-say for a 3min song-done in around 15 mins. I could go on. I've studied and written about motivation and psychology since the early 80s,and interested well before then. My best songs are definitely yet to come, though I'm well pleased with most Ive done already.

My ideas about inner and outer are a little different to yours,but that's what makes this game interesting.I certainly don't fall for the songs being `out there` idea-but lots of top writers will tell you this.

They simply are not aware of the process.I shan't be lighting purple candles and meditating either!!

Keep in touch and perhaps check out my tunes and webs. Google songsmithmarty and you'll find myspace,facebook,reverbnation and twitter etc.You can find me on ebay ID martymusic_1923 and theres a link to shop and webs,or go to neptunebooks-publicationsandmusic from the ebay search.Cheers.MARTIN.

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