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Success Review 1

"Songwriting book is amazing '...

..."Put yourself out of your
"I-play-but-can't-write misery"


Geoffrey Williams' songwriting book is amazing.  If you've ever found yourself sitting at your instrument wondering why no songs are coming out, Geoff has discovered the key to unlock you and your creativity.  Put yourself out of your "I-play-but-I-can't-write" misery and get Geoff's book!

                              --Morgan Cryar  strongsongwriting.com

(Morgan's #1 hits on Christian radio include
"If I Never See a Miracle," "I Call Him Father,"
and "Pray in the USA."



Success Review 2

"From writing frustration to creative explosion'...

...My wife overheard me using some of the techniques and was simply amazed at the new material "


"I've had some success as an independent artist, with a top 10 Billboard Single Sales Chart hit single in 2006 ("Swallow Your Fears"), and one of the affirmations I've told myself over the last year is that "I am a musical genius" in hopes of becoming one.  You can imagine my reaction when seeing the title of this book! lol

I first came across "The Songwriting Genius Within You" via a Google ad and I thought it was simply too good to be true, considering I'd been pursuing how to use different mind states to increase my creativity!

It only took a few moments for me to read what the information was and I immediately knew I had to get this.

The principles and techniques in "The Songwriting Genius Within You," helped me go from writing frustration to creative explosion. I now have pages upon pages of lyrics and tons of recorded material that is blowing my mind.

My wife overheard me using some of the techniques and was simply amazed at the new material I was coming up with.

"The Songwriting Genius Within You" has revolutionized my lyric and music writing. I wrote more quality lyrics in my first 20 minutes session using one of the techniques in the book than I did in a previous 3 hour session I'd had just one week earlier. And I'm consistently getting these same great results over and over again.

Simply an outstanding book full of techniques and principles that work!

John Stringer, Atlanta, GA
Featuring Billboard Chart Top 10
Hit Single,"Swallow Your Fears."


Success Review #3

"I noticed my melodies making a radical change'...

...I finally found that inner talent I've been looking for my whole life "


I first stumbled across your songwriting training while Googleing the best techniques for vocal performance.

After purchasing your book I immediately knew it was different, original, and specially useful, for people who find themselves trapped on ''the writer's block''.

It was fun, educational, and changes the life of anyone who truly have a passion for music, like me.

After using some of the ideas I noticed my melodies making a radical change. All of my songs used to sound very familiar, but after going through the book,
i finally found that inner talent i've been looking for my whole life.

Jaime Calle, New York


Success Review 4

"My lyrics are more complex, emotive,
attention grabbing ...

...I've written 20 songs in 22 days "


The Songwriting Genius Within You is set out in an easy format for reading and then applying the methods.

I am not yet finished reading all the material that I received; yet, the results have been exceptional so far.

To date, I've used the techniques to write the lyrics for 20 new songs in 22 days.

Before the book... I had a few songs that were simple and sophmoric.

Now... my lyrics are more complex, emotive, attention grabbing and easier to come up with.

Also, my lyrics used to take a few days to compile a song; now I'm done with a song in about 30 minutes.

Doug Dillingham jr, Stockdale


Success Review 5

"My songs seem to have a lot more of that
"something" that great songs have...

...Everyone that's known my work thus far has noticed the difference "

Your book was exactly what I'd been looking for. I really tapped into something new since reading it. Thank you.

I wrote and recorded my first album of 8 songs in about six weeks. Keep in mind I'm including production time, so the time it took to write 8 great songs was substantially

My songs may not seem technically any more substantial; however, they seem to have a lot more of that "something" that great songs have. Everyone that's known my work thus far has noticed the difference and I'm amazed at the pace at which I was able to write my new songs.

I also noticed that as I worked on my first album, each successive song I wrote (with the book's techniques) was written, respectively, faster, with more feeling, and fluidity.


Doug Andrews at Itunes


Success Review 6

"I Think The Method Is Wonderful...

...My songs are still me and everything, but are better, more organized and put together""

I think The Songwriting Genius Within You has helped me to write better, and actually change the way I write songs. The process I mean. My songs are still me and everything, but are better, more organized and put together.

I think more melodic. I know they are more creative. I LOVE this method because it in itself is so creative. What a better way to reach creative people than this? That's right there is genius my friend. I think the whole songwriting process is faster too. (back to topic here). huh hum..

I think the method is wonderful and I am still working on the fine tuning part of it myself. I plan to use it FOREVER in my songwriting. I even have some old songs I wrote years ago I am going to use your ideas to tweak them up some with. I just love the methods you teach.

Melinda Fulford, Vernon


Success Review 7

"It has been said that "genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration...

...There is plenty of material out there to help composers with the 99... but very little that teaches one to be inspired. You've achieved that rare feat "

I was impressed with your email campaign. Rather just a lot of inflated claims, high-pressure tactics, and the
same old buzz words and BS, you gave examples of some of the techniques in your book...which I found interesting
and helpful

Using your plan, (the 30 minute nightly improvisation), I generated seven quality ideas that I intend to use on my current CD project.

Beyond the new ideas I generated, using your techniques, using them helped me develop the much-needed habit of looking for new ideas, stretching myself, and doing something different during my practice sessions, rather than the mindless noodling I had fallen into the habit of doing.

It has been said that "genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration." There is plenty of material out there to help beginning composers with the ninety-nine...but very little
that actually teaches one how to be inspired. You've accomplished that rare feat.

Mike Jones, Maricopa, AZ


Success Review 8

"I hadn't written any new material for 2 years...

...Now I'm currently writing 1-2 songs a week I'm happy with, and enjoy performing"


I was having trouble writing new songs, so i started asking the right questions and came across the book online.

It appealed to me as it was on a level of conciousness that i understood, which is why i purchased the book.

Before i read it, i felt 'stuck' with my songwriting, i was very hard on myself writing songs and eventually found i
couldn't write anymore.

Since reading it, purchasing a digital noter taker for ideas, and started writing anything that came too me. I found it very
effortless to write new songs.

At the time of purchasing the book. I hadn't written any new material for 2 years. Now i am currently finished 1 - 2 songs a week i am happy with, and enjoy performing. I have recorded one of my songs recently as a demo, and i'm organising gigs in the US in December/January.

I am very happy with what the book has taught me. And i have unblocked whatever was stopping my creativity at the time of looking for the book.

Perth, Western Australia




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