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I want to tell you something that's pretty embarrassing. I used to suck at songwriting. Just about everything wrote got no reaction from my friends and family... as well as record AnR people.

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At times it was humiliating.

There was a point that I reached when I decided "enough is enough" and I began researching how I could become a much better songwriter.

I tried technique after technique, without much luck... until I began to look at where great music REALLY comes from.

I began changing the direction of my research to areas such as creativity and human genius. Once I made this shift, things began to change...

My songwriting began improving quickly. My songs became far more compelling and inspiring. And people who heard them were stunned by the difference.

After publishing a course that reveals all the principles and techniques I'd discovered, my inbox became flooded with messages from fellow songwriters...

... all reporting the same dramatic transformations as I had experienced!

It's not like me to brag, but this new method of writing both music and lyrics has been responsible for some amazing songs written, by both me and my students.

This website has been published to give you some insight into this new method. Enjoy...

Here's how to accelerate your songwriting abilities with tips and techniques that few know.
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