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I also have studied the concept of genius and most recently have been reading `The Talent Code'. In this book the author promotes the theory that genius is actually a result of hard work - he refers to the 10 years 1,000 hours of practice rule.

He dispels the myths of sudden geniuses as in Mozart - whose father began his musical study during his earliest years and therefore actually fulfilled the 1,000 hours of study prior to his youthful recognition, to Michaelangelo who when he completed the Pieta at 24 was alarmed to hear people claim that the work was somehow miraculous (as in `out of the blue') - in his mind it was the result of all of the hours he spent toiling as an apprentice - and he was proud of his study and the resulting ability that he then possessed.

Song writing, musically can be improved upon by by greater knowledge of music, true. But as we must acknowledge many great `hits' are very basic musically. These hits more often have lyrics (and hooks)that are not overly complex but rather exceed in their `timeliness' .

`Timeliness' deals not just with, say the issues of the day, but also with the `under current' that lives around the issues. For example it's the comments of people when they are watching a news program rather than the news itself that is important. In relationships, it is the after we've been together thoughts, rather than the actual occurring while together - that are most important.

In recent brain research on mice they are able to show that the brain acts differently when the physical body is moving quickly vs. slowly. The quicker the body moves, the less the mind of that body is able to process. The slower the body moves, the more it is able to process. This matches with the `aha' moments that often come while sleeping -when the body is in it's slowest state.

Recently I was reading about techniques to help a person bring back a memory (such as in the case : I know who wrote that song I just cant think of who it is.)And as one might expect it deals with relaxing, and then dropping the outward motivated search and focusing on nothing, literally blackness for a short period of time. And no, the answer doesn't come to you during this slowing and blackness focus, and further you are instructed just to relive that your subconscious will eventually tell you the answer once it no longer feels the pressure.

Here is a key - knowing what you want.

MJ lived in a mostly fast paced lifestyle (he constentlly was working on his dancing skills and dealt with a large family and large number of friends and employees.) That the songs came to him while he was sleeping - when his mind could finally process the incoming information and produce the desired result (songs) that is when it did so. The second key, from his example, is that he trusted in these nighttime revelations - and became prepared to have notebook and pen ready.

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