Need Help Writing A Song?

Need help writing a song? You’re about to discover a simple formula that will blast you past confusion and have you write songs that you LOVE… as well as leave you knowing exactly how to become the best songwriter you can be.

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It can be so damn frustrating.

You struggle. You sweat. You put your blood sweat and tears into a song and then you find out…


Don’t worry though. Help writing a song that you'll be proud of is on the way.

In this article I will show you how to get past this frustration, and actually write something you really, really like.

Not only this, but once you’ve done this you’ll know the path to songwriting greatness.

Now keep in mind that there is a great deal of theory and scientific research behind the formula I’m about to give you.

I’m not going to go deep into the theory though, because I know you just want something that works. You don’t need to waste time trying to understand why it works so well.

First, before giving you the formula, I want to tell you the reason why most songwriters have trouble. You may even see yourself in this example I’m about to give you.

Most songwriters get stuck in OVER ANALYZING by using their analytical mind to try and craft their song. The reason this leads to devastating frustration is these analytical resources are not capable of creating at a high level.

What in blazzers does this mean?!

Well, here’s an example of trying to use your analytical resources to craft a song.

Firstly you may turn to music theory to find a chord progression to use. Then once you have this, you know that notes X Y and Z work for this particular progression. So you begin to try and craft a melody line using these notes…

This is sort of like trying to piece together a song like a puzzle. And guess what… if you follow this songwriting process you’re DOOMED.

You may write something that sounds “like a song”, but you’ll never strike gold. You’ll never create something magical that turns heads with magnetic force.

Instead, you need to turn over the majority of your songwriting process to your CREATIVE resources. This is where the magic exists.

When you do this (and I’ll show you how in a moment), you’re ideas will become much more compelling and interesting. All the great songs you LOVE were written out of moments of creative inspiration, NOT from the “piece together the song puzzle” technique.

Now, it’s actually possible to tap into powerful creativity, and reach soaring new heights with your songwriting. But since you’re reading an article titled help writing a song, I’m guessing at this point you’ve be happy even seeing one little sparkle of magic in your songs.

So let’s get into a procedure that’ll allow you to find this spark.

If you need help writing a song, this procedure is designed to allow you to write a good one VERY QUICKLY.

It’s not going to be the best song you ever write… your best stuff is to come.

But what it will do is give you a taste of how to find inspiration and quickly compile your ideas into a song. This way you’ll be able to repeat this formula over and over and your songs will get better and better from here.

Ok, let’s get into the steps you need to take.

Let’s start with the instrumental.


Take out your instrument of choice.

Tune it up and get it sounding good. Also, get hold of a simple recording device and prepare it so it’s ready to record.


Hit “record” and begin playing your instrument, recording every note that you play.

Play anything that comes to mind, and if you find a rich idea, follow it and explore it.

As you play, trust your intuition and don’t judge any of your ideas. You’ll be playing rubbish for much of the time, but don’t worry. Keep playing without judgment… keep varying the ideas that you’re playing… and if something sparks, follow that idea and explore it deeper.

You’ll find that after 10-20 minutes you’ll lose track of your surroundings. You’ll also notice the “chatter” in your mind will quieten so it’s almost non existent. This is good. This means your entering into a “ultra creative” state, and good ideas will begin to surface naturally and easily.

In this almost “trance like” state, keep sifting through ideas…. Not trying to play perfectly, but following your gut instincts and sifting through idea after idea.

Do this exercise for 40 minutes straight without stopping. Even if you think you’re playing rubbish the whole time (Don’t worry – many of your ideas will be much better than you think).

This state of “non judgmental” creation is the natural state of an artist. The longer you stay in it, the more great ideas you will have.

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