How To Compose Music That's Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

How would you like to discover how to compose music that stands out from the crowd, breaks new ground, and dazzles music lovers all around the world?

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What if you’re music could define the direction that music heads in the future? Imagine hearing from music critics that is was you that led the way into new musical territory. Imagine having written the albums that people are still talking about 20 years later?

On the other hand, would you rather be just another musician who writes much of the same, never really breaking into new ground. Would you like to create music that eventually goes stale even with your biggest fans, and you become just another “boring musician”?

Which path would you rather take?

It’s pretty obvious you want option number 1 to happen to you.

There is only one way that you can create new, breath taking music that will define the future of music.

There is only one way to make you the person that everyone talks about for years and years.

That one thing is this:

You must master your CREATIVITY so you can continually generate new and exciting musical and lyrical ideas.

If you can learn how to tap into your richest creative resources, you will discover music that is completely unique and magical…

All the great music that’s changed your life has been created by “dipping into these resources”. Every totally unique and inspiring idea that’s been created came from these resources. And you have access to this creativity.

When you discover how to compose music by “dipping into” these creative resources, you will find an everlasting stream of inspiring, and ground breaking musical ideas.

With this “stream of inspiration” you can truly become a musician that can define a bold, unique path that everyone will marvel at. You can become that musician that everyone talks about for years after you’ve ceased creating music.

No other method of songwriting is as powerful as one which incorporates your deepest creative resources.

So how can you learn to “tap” into these hidden resources?

Well, that and much more is revealed in my ebook  “The Songwriting Genius Within You”.

You see, when I was learning exactly WHY and HOW incredible music is created, I went to the “masters”… I devoured everything I could find about the most renowned songwriters of all time, and how they create music.

Some of the information I discovered was surprising to say the least. I can safely say that less than 1% of all songwriters approach songwriting in the way that these “masters” do.

You may say, “but they’re so much more talented than me”. THAT’s the reason why their music is so inspirational.

Well, these people are very talented. But you’ll find that once you embrace the METHOD they use to write music, the gap between you and them will close dramatically.

The thing is: most people write music in a way that destroys any chance of writing music at their full potential. Without knowing it, they are BLOCKING 99% of their creativity. And without creativity, amazing, inspired ideas are almost impossible to generate.

Unfortunately I blocked almost all of my creativity for years, without even realizing it.

But when I discovered there were techniques that could “clear the blockage” and allow me to vastly expand my creativity…

… It was like turning on an unstoppable flow of dazzling, inspirational song ideas!

The thing is: you too can “flick” this switch marked “creative artist”. It’s not hard to do. It just takes a little understanding and a few small “tweaks” to your approach.

And when you do, you can join the exclusive group of musicians that are paving the way for the future of music.

The techniques in “The Songwriting Genius Within You” will not only show you how to make the necessary “shifts” that will open you to the “genius musician” within you… it will also teach you how to compose music that is completely unique (in a very good way)…

This uniqueness will put you in a position where you will stand out from the crowd. It’s this type of songwriter that is remembered for a long time.

Will it be you?

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