"How To Write A Hit Song"

Well, I’ve got some extremely effective tips that will help you do just that!

More importantly, these tips have already been used by other musicians to write hit singles.

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Ok… Now, before we get to the techniques let me first tell you a little about writing a hit song.

Firstly, it’s not something that happens everyday. This doesn’t mean it’s hard… It just means you need a little luck. You need to have an idea that connects with a large group of people.

Very often it’s the “hook” of the song that grabs people.

To write a commercially successful hit single, you’ll need to write something that captures peoples attention immediately.

This can mean writing an infectious instrumental hook, a lyric that grabs people, a chorus that gets people singing… or all of these :-)

Now, here’s something that’s ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL if you want to write something of hit quality

When you’re writing, you can’t sit there “trying” to write a great hook or chorus… Now I know this sounds a little weird, but stick with me for a second.

Instead of trying to piece together some notes that forms a great hook… or pull a magical lyric out of thin air… you need to allow your creative juices to roam free.

This means you need to allow yourself to create freely, without judging what you’re creating…

Many musicians make the mistake of creating an idea and then thinking, “No, that’s not a good enough hook”… and then dismissing the idea completely. This is NOT how to write a hit song!

When you do this you’re effectively shutting down your creativity, and you’ll never discover your best "hit worthy" ideas

Instead, try this:

If an idea comes up as you’re writing, go with it. Explore it. Stop thinking it has to be perfect when it first comes out. Don’t judge it.

Continue to explore this idea and watch as it evolves in front of you. Follow the new ideas that pop into your head as you play with the first one.

Do this for a long period of time (At least 20 minutes straight) and you’ll find yourself “in the flow” of ideas. You’ll find yourself brimming with musical possibilities.

And out of this “idea generating” a great idea will “hit you”. Maybe even 2,3,or 10 great ideas.

These are your “hooks” that will form a potential hit single.

This is FAR more effective than sitting around trying to “think up” a hit idea… and dismissing every other thing that pops into your head.

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