Islands in The Stream

by Richard Bates

Uncompromising commitment to ones relationship with a subject of interest is the health of the discovery process.

I think most people have a protective barrier around that discovery process. We all edit as we go so unfortunately few will swoon in wonder at a hot pink sky at sunset. When the beauty is obvious it's also irrelevant information when your the man who's running to Rona for pluming supplies.

Getting out of the loop is probably first base in the game of life. The American dream for some has always been more of the nightmare.

I think most of us are square pegs in round holes half the time when it comes to our choices of involvement. Like the adage, "some things are meant to be", a left brain freedom needs a personal promotion in our daily lives.

Hitting a nail on the head is saying that we'll enjoy life more if we do more "story" reading. There's a lot of journeys to take and the best thing is that we don't have to rent the movie ... we can write it!

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