Jim Grayson

by Jim Grayson
(Seabrook Texas)

Hi: My name is Jim. I'm a guitar player, & "trying" to be a song writer. I've been reading a lot of your tips, & found a lot of them not only helpful, but also " USEFUL".

Your above idea about contrast is something I like to use in the compositions I put together on my guitar, ( start soft, step it up a few beats, through something tricky & unexpected in the middle, & slow it down again in the end.)

I have 3 new compositions (music only) put together. But since reading your articles, I've also written (& composed) 3 new songs, & I'm in the beginning stages of a 4th song.

I'm giving you some of the credit because I have picked some good tips from you. Keep up the good work, & I'll be reading more of your articles in the future. Thanks; Your Friend: Jim

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