A Modern Songwriting Method That Uses 
Principles Of Human Genius

I’d like to tell you about a modern songwriting method that will allow you to discover your full potential as a songwriter in fast time.

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Once you adopt this method of songwriting you’ll easily be able to:

  • Create an endless flow of musical ideas of stunning quality
  • Write mesmerizing lyrics that capture undivided attention and move people deeply
  • Write songs that fit your idea of “what great music is all about”

More on this songwriting method in a moment…

First I want to tell you where this new method of songwriting came from, and why it’s so powerful.

Now while I’ve named it a “modern songwriting method”, it actually uses principles that have been around for hundreds of years. The principles are those that many thousands of professionals in every field have use to reach “genius” status.

Artist, businessmen, musicians and more have either deliberately or accidentally used these ideas, and because of this have reached the pinnacle of excellence in their chosen area.

The Exciting Thing Is…

You can use these very same principles in your songwriting, which will catapult you to unheard of level of success and brilliance.

So how do I know this is true?

Well, firstly I’ve used these principles in my own songwriting. And whilst I used to be a very average songwriter, I now write music and lyrics that blows me away (as well as my fans!)… My new material is clearly many levels above anything I’ve done in the past. In fact, many of my friends still find it hard to believe the material I’ve written with this new songwriting method is even mine!

The second reason I know this method works so well, is I’ve taught it to over 1000 musicians. And these songwriters have got the same spectacular results as I did.

Many of them couldn’t believe the amazing advances they made in just the first two weeks of using this modern songwriting method.

It makes sense why these dramatic changes can occur though. By following this method you’re essentially mimicking what the “great” geniuslevel composers do while they create their masterpieces.

For Example, A Genius Level Composer Does Certain Things As They Write Music

They think about music in a certain way… They use certain techniques and exercises that most musicians don’t know about… They create their musical ideas in a certain way.

And by using this new method of songwriting I’m about to tell you about, you’ll be using this same process. The same songwriting process of a musical genius.

It took me literally years to research and discover the principles and techniques I’ve discussed in this article. And when I began to use them in my songwriting, my results were almost unbelievable.

It is a very powerful method of songwriting.

When I realized this power I decided to spend the time to compile all of these principles, ideas, and techniques into a step-by-step course that could be followed by any musician.

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The musicians who have taken the course and followed all the action steps in it have found their songwriting completely transformed. Many have gone onto write hit singles. While others have written ground breaking material that is greatly admired by their peers.

If you want to go through this experience yourself, and completely transform your songwriting (for the better!) be sure to check out this course.

This modern songwriting method is based on years of research into creativity, accelerated development techniques, and human genius… and you will find yourself discovering a vast reservoir of songwriting potential you never knew you had.

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