Two Online Song Writing Resources That Took My Songwriting To Soaring Heights

There are many online song writing resources that will help you fulfill your full potential as a songwriter.

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On this page I will be sharing some of the better ones.

If I’ve listed them here it means that I’ve tested them thoroughly and deemed them as excellent. I’ve spent many hours scouring the internet for songwriting resources, and although many resources had little or no impact on my songwriting, there are a few gems that helped dramatically.

The first online song writing resource is a course named The Songwriting Genius Within You . This course, created by songwriter Geoff Williams teaches how to write music using accelerated development principles. In it you learn the way that the musical geniuses of the world approach songwriting. And you are given very effective techniques that utilize these principles.

The end result for me is I became far more creative, and my song ideas lifted in quality to a large extent.

The other thing I noticed is songwriting became much more fulfilling and also much faster. I can now write a song to a high level in the same time it used to take to write three.

You Can Learn About These Excellent Online Song Writing Resources Here

Another song writing resource that deserves a mention is a book called “Strong Songwriting. This book is written by Morgan Cryar, who has had a few number 1 hits in his time.

If you want to learn how to write lyrics that grab attention, this is the book to read. It contains many entertaining exercises that teach you to write lyrics that have that special something.

This is the most practical and useful book I’ve discovered on the topic of writing lyrics. One of the ideas I really loved was a technique that allows you to take your basic message and find a new angle that really grabs people.

I’ve taken many of my songs and made slight adjustments to them using this technique. This instantly made my songs more powerful, interesting, and engaging.

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I’ve just told you about my two favorite online song writing resources. Keep in mind that these two resources emerged clearly after testing several others. I went through most of the songwriting books on amazon, as well as all the online programs I could find, and these two were the clear winners.

Happily for me, my songwriting is far better than it was before using these online song writing resources.

If you are interested in greatly improving your own song writing, I suggest you research them.

Here are the links again.

The Songwriting Genius Within You

Strong Songwriting