The Online Songwriting Resource That Will Quickly Take Your Songwriting To Soaring New Heights

Out of all the resources available on the internet, there’s one online songwriting resource that stands out in particular.

Most songwriting instructional programs insist on teaching musical theory and jamming chord progressions and such down our throats.

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online songwriting resource

Completely opposite to this there is a songwriting program that avoids this completely. Instead it teaches us how to find the rich potential that exists within us and in doing so, we discover our inner talent and write music well beyond our current level.

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I’ve personally used this approach to take my songwriting to soaring new heights. One thing that it relies heavily on is a way of accelerated learning called “Socratic Method”. You may have heard of this before.

It’s a development method that actually allows average humans to discover phenomenal abilities within themselves. In fact, this method is responsible for more geniuses in all fields than any other method.

In The Songwriting Genius Within You, author Geoff Williams takes you through many exercises and techniques that utilize the power of this extraordinary method. As a result you’ll find yourself becoming more creative than you could ever imagine. You’ll also find yourself much more sensitive to the artistic instincts and ideas that flow through your mind.

(I never realized that there was an ongoing flow of musical ideas and perceptions all the time, until I discovered this method.)

The wonderful thing about this method is it causes you to be always improving. In most cases, every new song you write is your best yet.

This method is different to every other one I’ve come across because it doesn’t rely on forcing musical theories into your mind, and have you piece them together like some kind of puzzle. Instead you take your own inner abilities and develop them to the point where you’re writing unique, brilliant pieces of music.

I recommend this method highly, and you can read much more about it at this website.

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