Excellent Online Songwriting Resources
-Part 3

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The third song writing resource that I want to share with you is a free recording program called Audacity.

One of the greatest technological improvements that’s really helped the song writing process is the ability to record really easily and cheaply.

The reason this is so important is because one of the things that can really block you from being at your most creative and writing your best material is when you’re trying to create something and judge it at the same time.

For example if you’re creating ideas on the guitar and also trying to determine whether they're any good or not, it will actually block your ability to be at your most creative.

One of the easiest ways to completely eliminate this problem is to get a simple recording program like Audacity. And when you have a creative session, hit record and create in a really non-judgmental manner.

With it recording in the background, you don’t even need to think about whether the idea you’re playing is worth remembering or not because you can just create freely for 20 to 30 minutes and then come back to the recording after.

You’ll find that doing this will make it much easier to get into a really creative flow where you can get into the really high quality ideas…

Also, when you listen back to the recording you’re going to hear a lot more than what you would hear than if you were trying to listen to as you were creating.

You really hear the potential in your ideas much easier by listening back to the recording after the actual creative session.

Audacity is a really easy way to implement this. You can just go to the website and download the program. It works on a PC and a MAC and you can just install it onto your computer and get a really cheap microphone.

And then next time you want to create some instrumental ideas or vocal melodies all you need to do is open up the program, hit record and then away you go.

So that’s the third of three online songwriting resources that you can begin using today. Now I should mention, I’m well aware you can get into much higher quality recording programs. For example I use Pro Tools myself…

... but for the purposes of just recording a creative session the quality isn’t really the most important thing. The important thing is the ability to have a really easy way to record everything that you create.

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