Song in my dream

by Silvina Disla
(Little Ferry new jersey USA )

I wrote incredible lyrics in my dream a few months ago I had fallen asleep thinking on this song idea and I semi woke up and these lyrics were pouring out of me in a fascinating way. I was still asleep and consciously tried to remain that way!

I grabbed my iPhone which was right next to me and still in the dark started saying the words onto my recorder. It was such an amazing process.!! The whole song was written that way! In the morning I just put the phrases and ideas together in a more organized way!

But the rhymes were there the colors the metaphors everything that needed to be, I just did the conscious polishing in the morning! That was the exact feeling ! What MJ said that the song just came to me from a higher self!

I had dwelled for years on the song idea that related to a very dark painful moment of my life when I suffered physical and psychological abuse in my marriage. But for years I hadn't been able to make anything out of it, but in a blink of an eye it was all there for me. The process is amazing! Now I would love to access that power on will . Please teach me
Silvina Disla

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