How To Win A Song Writing Contest

If you want to win a song writing contest, there’s a few ideas that will give you the biggest chance…

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I’d like to share some of these ideas with you, and get you well on the way to winning a contest or two.

Firstly, before we get into the ideas it must be said songwriting contests are a great way to get noticed in the music industry.

If you go in some of the bigger contests, you’ll be putting your music in front of judges who have been around the industry for many years, and have the power to take your songwriting career to the next level.

Also, they want to do this. That’s actually a big reason why songwriting competitions exist. To find new talent!

So your job is to take your talents and display them in their best light. This will give you your best chance of being discovered and winning a contest or two.

The other thing to note is: Even if you don’t win, you might be able to impact one of the judges to pursue you as one of their personal projects. I’ve seen this happen many times, so don’t rule it out.

Give Yourself The Best Chance To Win A Song Writing Contest?

As I said earlier, you need to display your talents in their best light.

In The Songwriting Genius Within You , you’ll discover exactly how to do this – to discover where your full potential lies as a songwriter, and then use this to write your very best material.

A good way to look at it is, if you listen to your music what is the one thing that defines you?

What is that magical quality you have that no one else does?

When you know what this is, you can take it and enhance it. I promise you, if you do this effectively, when your song begins playing in front of the judges, this quality will jump out of the speakers.

This is a big secret to really standing out as an interesting, unique artist.

In fact, in the long run it’s this “magical quality” you find in your songwriting that will lead you to success.

Here’s What You Need To Do

Sit down with the songs you’ve written.

Listen to them over and over again.

Try to discover what “defining” qualities you have. And when you know what they are, work at strengthening these qualities.

Don’t fret so much over what you think are weaknesses, instead work on your strengths.

When a producer or record label look for an artist they know they can patch up any weaknesses you may have. What they’re really looking for is that “special something” that no one else has.

So if you present your special something to them, and make it so blindingly obvious to them, you’ll have your best chance of capturing their attention.

Work on this and you will have a great chance of winning a song writing contest!

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