Songwriting Ideas That Will Inject Emotion And Magic Into Your Songs

The songwriting ideas on this page are from a 6 part songwriting tips series.

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Songwriting Tip 4: Use Your Most Powerful Emotions/Desires To Drive
Your Songwriting Process

I'd like to share with you a songwriting technique that is incredibly powerful. In fact, it's as close to magic as it gets. Use this and you will write FAR better music and lyrics.

In one of the best selling "success" books of all time, Napoleon Hill revealed a secret that can unlock the doors to "genius".

And this secret is very easy to integrate into your songwriting process.

Here's the main jest of the secret.

You need to use your most powerful emotions or desires as a "gateway" to your best creativity.

Napoleon Hill spent over 20 years interviewing and learning from the most successful and powerful people on the planet, and he found something that all the so called "geniuses" of the world had in common.

These people were using powerful emotions or desires to "tap into" the ulta-creative faculties in their mind. And because of this they were having ingenious ideas that ended in bringing massive success and acclaim.

You can do the same thing in your songwriting.

Firstly, let me give you a few of the most powerful human emotions.

1. The desire to have sex.2. Love3. Any burning desire you may have.

Ok, so here's how you can use this today to become far more creative in your songwriting.

Just before you begin to create, bring up a picture in your mind of one of the above topics. For example, bring to mind a love affair you have had or fantasized about. Keep this image in your mind until you feel a powerful swell of love flow through your mind and body.

Once you reach this stage, begin to create on your instrument or start writing lyric ideas.

Try and maintain and ride this wave of emotion as you do this. (And remember to record every moment).

In doing this you are using your most powerful human emotions to drive your creating process.

Try this songwriting idea. In the end you will end up with a highly emotional and creative session.

And it's incredibly fun too!

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