Using Your Unconscious Mind 
To Write Amazing Music And Lyrics

I want to tell you how you can completely smash writers block so it is never a problem for you again…

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It’s terrible isn’t it?

Sitting there with your instrument, or with pen in hand, ready to write some music or lyrics…

Waiting for that magic idea to come to you…

But inspiration never arrives!

Well, today I want to introduce you to something that is already inside you that will make so called “writers block” disappear into thin air.

The funny thing is, it only takes a few small “tweaks” to your approach to songwriting, and the floodgates to your creativity will swing wide open.

And through those floodgates will come a rush of utterly amazing musical ideas…

Ok, so let’s take a look at one of the “little known” concepts that ultra creative people use every day to create groundbreaking ideas over and over.

If you’ve been reading any of the articles on this website, you’ll notice that I have referred to something known as the “unconscious mind” many times.

The reason I talk about this so much is it’s one of the most vital keys that you MUST grasp if you are to release your full potential as a songwriter.

So what exactly IS the unconscious mind?

Well, let me explain.

If you take a look at what’s going on inside your mind right now, you may notice a few things happening. You may notice yourself speaking my words as you read them.

The odd image may flash in to your mind from time to time.

Or you may not even notice anything at all.

These things you are AWARE OF are within your CONSCIOUS mind.

Here’s the thing though…

There is much more going on inside your mind than what you’re actually aware of.

These processes that go on OUTSIDE of your awareness are said to be in your UNCONSCIOUS mind.

And the thing to understand is this. Your unconscious mind is able to process much more information at a much higher speed than your conscious mind.

In other words, if your conscious mind was a calculator, your unconscious mind would be more the most powerful computer money can buy!

Another way to look at it is this: If you look at an iceberg, the tip that pokes out the water is your conscious mind. And the vast mass that is below the surface of the water is your unconscious mind.

So where did this idea of the “unconscious mind” come from, and how does it help you to become a much better songwriter?

Well, the idea was popularized by the famous scientist Sigmund Freud who created many theories that described the various functions of the unconscious mind.

And since Freud made this concept known, many scientists have made discoveries about the significance of this mysterious concept.

Many interesting facts surfaced about this powerful tool that you have inside your head…

For example…

- Famous mathematician John Von Neumann once calculated that the unconscious can store up to 280,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of memory. The scary thing is, many believe this is a conservative figure.

- Also, your unconscious mind has the ability to process information at 10,000 to 10 million times the speed of your conscious mind. 10 million times!

Obviously if you aren’t involving your unconscious mind in your songwriting process, you are missing out on a LARGE amount of your creative potential.

In fact, one of the reasons why musicians get “writers block” is they have “switched off” to the creative power that resides in the unconscious mind.

Instead they try and use their conscious mind to mold ideas, which simply doesn’t work. It’s like trying to use a calculator to run a large, sophisticated software program.

So how can you use the full power of your unconscious mind to become a far more successful and creative songwriter?

Well, you can get the full instructions in a book I wrote a while ago called The Songwriting Genius Within You. This book covers in detail many important concepts and principles that will allow you to clear the roadblocks that have been stifling your inner genius – and part of this process is learning how to fully involve your unconscious mind in the songwriting process.

You can learn about this book here.

For now, let me give you a quick example of how I used my unconscious mind in the creating of the very article you’re reading.

Just like songwriting, writing an article is a creative process. As you’ve learned, the unconscious mind is a crucial part of the creative process, so here’s how I used it…

First I used my CONSCIOUS mind to DIRECT my unconscious mind. I did this by first deciding what I wanted to achieve (writing an informative article that teaches musicians and songwriters about the unconscious mind and the unbelievable power that they can tap into.)

I did this by writing it out in a clear statement that communicated my desire to write this article.

As well as writing out the statement, I made pictures in my mind of how great I would feel when the article was completed, and visualized the article being completed and having a positive impact on many musicians lives.

The reason for this is to build desire to complete the article.

Your unconscious mind will react the most to thoughts with emotions attached to it. This is why when you set a task or goal for it to complete, you must attach emotion to it.

A great way to do this (as I just described above) is to pretend that you have already accomplished the task, and imagine how you will feel when the task is completed.

This communicates the necessary desire to your unconscious mind, and sets it to work on the creative task that you have assigned to it.

Ok, so after I set this task to my unconscious mind, I let the task of writing this article completely leave my mind.

Instead of thinking about it, I went for a walk through some hills (which was wonderful by the way!)

This is known as the “incubation period” where you let your unconscious mind begin to work on a solution to the task you set for it.

The next part is where the excitement begins.

As my walk came to a close, I noticed that ideas about the article began “popping” into my head.

I quickly wrote down these ideas, and pretty soon had enough ideas for a great article!

This is the “inspiration stage” of the creativity process.

This is when your unconscious mind begins to send you messages and ideas related to the task that you set for it.

You can do this same process for a musical piece that you want to create, or lyrics that you want to write.

Begin by defining and writing out what you want to create. Get as specific as you can, and also picture yourself having completed the task and feeling great about it.

Secondly, completely “let go” of this task in your mind. Forget about it altogether.

After your mind “incubates” for awhile, you will move into the inspiration stage where you will receive many ideas that relate to the intention that you set in the first step.

There are many other little tips and tricks that allow you to experience the full power of this process, as well as many other techniques that utilize the amazing processing and creative power that resides within your unconscious mind right this moment.

You can discover all of these inside my book:

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