spiritual songstress

by Sharona C.
(Miami Beach)

I like a lot of these suggestions. I write spiritual songs but have not taken the time to dictate them and I am not midi savvy to play my songs on piano and hook up the keyboard to the computer and have the bars dictated for me.

Any tips on availing myself of the technology?
I think you are right on with the contrasting elements and was impressed that you took the time to suggest so many ways of accomplishing contrast in a song. Volume, tempo, rhythm, chord structure, countermelodies, instrumentation, etc. are all good areas to concentrate on.

You can implement small changes gradually as a song progresses in each of these areas during the song.

Also if you have any suggestions on what stage of song writing you must be in for each song to be able to record the song and any connections on people in the industry to help someone like me record an album of my songs.

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