Who's not a sucker for a good story? Certainly not me. There's a real big story going on right now at the planetary level & it seems artists have failed to communicate it to make the mass of people aware of the urgency of our troubling situation.

Not saying that they haven't tried or daily life mustn't go on or it's only artists responsibility to do so but to which degree as artists are we capable to make the balance tip on the side of consciousness for people to feel the need to make an evolutionary leap for our own good & survival?

Most artists to whom I put on the question can't answer me even though they feel this. Is art in general a disposition, an ability to be guided by real issues or just be entertainment & make believe or an ingenious & revealing mix of the two?

I believe the latter, this is where craftiness enters the working formula & not many are very good at this. Because this demands higher culture & than you're faced with another problem_ the people's general culture in it's needy state for the biggest part is not ready & prepared to receive art at that level, so it won't really touch them even though they might admire the artwork.

This dilemma can not be avoided & must be resolved if our work is to pass the test of time & become a classic in the true sens of the word.

If my artistic expression is not with words, let's say I'm not a poet, a writer or a novelist even though I might be kind of a lyricist (which forces me to compress terribly anything I want to convey), by this I mean art is more about "feel" than about an intellectual exercise.

The "feel" of a work of art I believe comes first & must permeate the entire piece in all its parts, giving it it's atmosphere, it's "color scheme & tone", it's general "texture" to get the final point across or to leave an hypnotizing feeling about it, but also serving a message, purpose or goal the artist believes must be recognized, or are we just passing in the pipeline wasting our time, letting hi"story" repeat itself to our demise?

Surely from that point of view being a good storyteller is of capital importance, a primordial educational tool & an initiatory experience for those ready to be enlightened by this very human art form.

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