The Blue Zone

by Simon McMillan
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hey Geoff you are a legend.

This has totally defined what i have not been able to explain for years. Sometimes my performance was hot, often when relaxed, at parties, in front of people i didn't know and when i just had to 'go for it'.

When i came out of this state it was hard to explain what the circumstances were. Now, with studying the article on Blue Zone and Socrates method, (After practicing drawing objects with my left hand and not looking at the paper (!) I find it very easy to flow with stories and lyrics, and playing is joyous in a natural artistic state.

I have always been a creative person but as I have got older my critical side has taken over, and now I know what has stifled my creativity. What i have back now is a familiar sensation from before i became blocked, like a buzzing in the back of my head that anything was possible and the future could go anywhere.

I hope this is a universal sensation felt by people all over the world, and since it fits with your explanations exactly, I'm sure it is. This is the best advice on the internet in terms of getting to the nuts and bolts of why writers block occurs and how to tap that inner juice. A MASSIVE THANKYOU to Geoffrey Williams, you have resurrected the Socratic method and will influence thousands once more! Hurrah!
Simon McMillan

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