There's a Price For This

by DeNiro Yorke Jackson
(Florida, NY, USA)

I love this post. It can be very helpful for those who need help on writing songs. I wanted to write a little something right now that you can acknowledge. I depend on multi-syllable rhymes and complexity. I love writing lyrics every SINGLE time. I plan on becoming a professional rapper and songwriter. I just hope my musical dreams can come true. As long as God is on my mind, I can never lose ambition, focus, or FAITH.

Verse 1:

Why did the lord give us agility?
I don't have the will in me to have responsibility
for my actions, my abilities are what's filling me
up with focus, why must this poet face problems that are killing me?
Silly me, those obstacles are possible
to be overcame, I only associate with unstoppable
problem solvers, but a revolver's not the answer
I gotta assemble my thoughts, and never try to surrender
I'm a November 19 black guy, it might seem that I rap like
the right type of rappers, but I can't let that backfire
I act like a mastermind, pass the mic to me
and I magnetize it, stop asking why I'm back-lashing my...
competition, writing on my composition notebooks
There's no hook needed if you look speechless, that's no good
My lyrics are poisonous, they sicken any boy I diss
I'm enjoying it, why deteriorate things? What's the point of it?
In fact, there's a price for it, and money won't help me
Maybe my heart is too cold, but I don't want the sun to go melt me
No need for you dummies to tell me a thing
I believe that I'm blessed, lemme allow R. Kelly to sing
Hot boys have bling, now I know what Elliot means
Since I'm hot like the sun, I'm not number one, that sounds selfish to me
No matter how true it may seem, it doesn't sound humble to me
I'm a newcomer you see nearby, keep a clear eye on how wonderful-ly
I am, I'm trying to rhyme and if I can
accumulate all the moves I make, I'll be igniting
my fighting spirit, I try to give it the right privileges
to mix it with my dreams, no matter what the condition is
I'm living with my family members, but mentally,
I'm thinking of dough and dreams, I hope it means that I'm supposed to be
successful, my treasure is good luck, I never hook up
with those with no goals and those who are shook up
I cook up my style with ingredients, leaving it with immediate power, I devour all weaknesses
I'm never secretive, I'm filled with visible lyrics
Even if I'm individualistic, I'll give you specific
info. This can stop you from going to limbo
you don't run New York like a trackstar, you should have drove in a limo
Lemme open the window, Then I'll be blowing the wind, yo
then I can run like the wind, some like to sprint, but this is supposed to be simple
Don't give me the middle finger, that'll be the end of you.
When I start beginning to diminish you, I'm at the pinnacle
of being invincible, reincarnated
That's why people are hating, even Caucasians (I'm black, but I'm not being offensive, just a little humor, nothing serious).
Just a lil' something.

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