This is a GREAT exercise!

by Philip Quintas
(Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.)

here's a story:

I was checking my email when I came upon a new one from the brilliant author of the Genius Songwriting course, Geoff Williams. This guiding message was so powerfully transformational that I immediately began to see the world in a new light.

No longer was I bored and passive in my daily walk around the neighborhood but I was suddenly wonderful enchanted with every subtle detail of existence. Life, which I formerly took for granted, now is infinitely fascinating and wildly invigorating. It's like I'm experiencing the most uplifting and expansive acid trip without taking any hallucinogens.

Soon I found myself typing a comment to his electronic post that had me filled with enthusiasm and lyrical improvisation. Now I want to tell everyone I meet about this incredible simple, yet radically effective creative expansion technique for songwriters who desire to grow and reach a higher level with their craft. I ran to the door, darted across the street and yelled with all the spirit within me, "GET GEOFF WILLIAMS SONGWRITING GENIUS COURSE AND ALSO MORGAN CRYERS STRONG SONGWRITING E-BOOK!!"

Magically, like a swarm of locusts chasing a thousand rats from a sinking ship, millions of musicians (some carrying guitars and banjos, mandolins and accordions poured out from their apartments and writing notes as they went along began a movement that turned the music industry completely around.

Instead of pop hits that lead the world into a vortex of confusion about violence and materialism, magnificent compositions that inspire unconditional love and international cooperation fill the airwaves and produce vast wealth for poverty stricken community organizations.

Overwhelmed by these events, I walked back to my bed and layed down, falling to sleep before closing my eyes, and dreamt of tomorrow.

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