Effective Tips For Songwriting (Part 2)

These tips for songwriting is the second article in a six part series. Go to tip number one here:

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Songwriting tips part 1

As you'll remember, the first songwriting tip was to record every moment of your creative songwriting sessions. If you haven't yet read this article, click here.

The second piece of advice I have for you is to listen back to your creative sessions.

It's best to wait a little while after the creative sessions has finished, and then relax into a comfortable couch and play back what you have just created.

The great thing about this is it's very enjoyable to hear the ideas you have created, and if you followed the advice above and didn't edit yourself as you were creating, you will be very pleased with the results.

More important though, as you listen back to the recording you will be taking in very important information.

As you listen you will notice ideas you like… ideas you don't like and everything in between.

This information is CRUCIAL

For example, let's just say that you hear a passage of music you created that you really don't like.

No problems. Because you are listening back to your recording and learning about this, the next time you sit down to create, it’s unlikely you’ll fall into a similar pattern.

Even better, when you hear an idea that is very pleasing to your ears, you will learn from this. And in your next creative session, you’ll find it easy to create similar pleasing themes, only this time they will be even higher in quality.

This is magic and you have to try it...

Recording all of your creating and then listening back to it sends you on an upwards spiral to better and more inspiring song ideas.

The more you do this, the more you learn about what you like, what you don't like, and your ideas will magically improve as a result.

The reason for this occurrence is very obvious when you know a few basics about human psychology.

To give you a basic overview, humans learn much more from monitoring FEEDBACK after attempting a task then they do cramming information into their heads.

For example, can you remember being in school, and having a teacher shove loads of information down your throat, and then expect you to remember it?

As opposed to this, a much more effective way to learn is to actually ATTEMPT SOLVING a problem, and then monitor the information that comes back at you after this attempt…

When you do this, even if you initially fail you will learn much quicker. And because of this you will gain a much deeper understanding of how to solve the problem.

Learning from a feedback loop allows you to "get" a concept at a much deeper level

This is the reason that recording all of your creative sessions and then listening back is so effective. It creates a massive "feedback loop" and as you continue, the flow of ideas that you create will begin automatically mold itself to the quality and style that you want.

So follow these tips for songwriting, and next time you sit down to write something, have a recorder handy. Record every moment as you create.

Then, after leaving the recording sit for an hour or so... listen back to it. Make a few notes as to where the good ideas in the session are.

As you do this, you will notice that every time you create, your ideas will be more compelling, more creative, and simply better than the previous session!

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