Powerful Tips On Songwriting

tips on songwriting

I’d like to give you two powerful tips on songwriting that will allow you to increase your songwriting abilities dramatically.

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These tips have been compiled from years of research into the creativity process, as well as studying how the great musical “geniuses” of the world create their masterpieces.

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Ok, let’s get into the tips on songwriting.

The first songwriting tip utilizes an important principle behind “Socratic Method”. Socratic Method is an amazing accelerated learning device that has produced more “geniuses” than any other method of teaching.

The songwriting tip I want to share with you is this. When you sit down to create musical ideas on your instrument, set a recorder running and record the entire creative session.

Then create freely, delving deeper into every idea that comes up.

Play anything that comes to mind, without judgment. At no point should you think “these ideas are no good”. Simply continue to create freely, with no agenda of what needs to happen.

When something interesting comes up, explore this idea deeper. Pay attention to where your musical instincts are telling you to go.

Do this type of “free creating” for at least half an hour, without stopping. Whilst doing this, make sure your recorder is capturing every moment.

What this does is allows you the time to “sink into” what’s called a “flow state”.

You’ll know when this happens because you’ll feel very relaxed and even a little “zoned out”. You’ll also notice that in this state, ideas will come to you much easier and almost “automatically”.

It’s in this “flow state” where you’ll discover your most brilliant ideas.

This tip on songwriting should allow you to create many new, profound musical ideas.

And my second songwriting tip?

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