Very Good

by Dean

I try not to pay to much attention to most of the sales tactics out there online, But I sure can tell one thing about you even if your trying to make money with this music writing is that you really have a genuine love for music and song writing yourself.

That's enough to make myself and others listen to what you have to say which whom we love music ourselves and need encouragement.

You really must have studied songwriting.
I want to thank you because I have always loved music myself but I've always copied others which is not bad in one way but its like I was stuck on it and I want to express myself in writing my own music. And I know I can.

I just have to like you said sit down and write what I like and put my ideas down on recording with my guitar even if its not that good. The best songs are the simple songs and I just have to remember this.

Thanks again, it shows me that there are people out there who really want to help people like myself to open up our minds and express our artistry from within to get it out to help others. Its like a spiritual experience.


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