by Viv
(Leeds, UK)

HI Geoff,

I bought your course a year ago and have really connected with the core concepts of creating music with the unconscious.

Before buying this course I was a very frustrated composer, finding that the quality of my music limited to what my fingers could do on the piano or to my sparse music theory. As well as taking a long time to compose music due to the constant analytical battles of whether I should keep an idea or not.

During my final year project at University I composed music for a computer game. I struggled so much composing the "traditional" way that I was left with 70% of a year's project to do in one month!

Mentally I had given up and decided that the only way to complete this mammoth task on time was to complete the project by writing the first thing that came to mind without any judgment of critique, because I just didn't have the time.

The short of it being - I finished the project (just) but also wrote (to my complete shock and amazement) the best music I have ever written to that point!

After this I was convinced that there was a better way of composing music. I searched for ages until I found a man of the name WIN WENGER .... I then coincidentally stumbled on to your website, and thought "you guys must be singing from the same hymn sheet!"

I will be teaching composition to 14 -17 yr olds in a school (in Leeds, UK) using your core concepts of the 4 I's as a foundation. Do you have any advice on this specifically on the 'incubation' period?

Thanks again Geoff!

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