what i do

by Victoria Hanks
(Wales UK)

I wouldn't say i was a beginner anymore. & i think it's because of some of the tips you have given. but I've always had a way of writing & it's never let me down.

What you have done it "Broadened" my mind to that creative level you're always talking about. this started from the first day i started reading your tips. anyway..

This may be something you should know to add in your information. i don't use a rhyming dictionary.. only if i have "writers block" as they say. i use the alphabet. Write it on the top of the page. But i only need to use it if I'm stuck with a rhyme.

After i did this for a while.. i barely need to do this anymore. & now the story behind a song, i think of a title.. then make a story out of that e.g "table-turn" which is one i did.. is about someone who was always unlucky...& basically the Table Turns.! i hope this helps :) thankyou. Victoria Hanks.

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