How To Write A Good Song

If you want to know how to write a good song, I’m about to share something quite valuable with you.

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The ideas I’m going to show you will allow you to write stunning choruses… captivating verses… lyrics that touch listeners at a deep level… musical progressions that seem to contain magic

You see, over a period of around 3 years I developed a new method of songwriting that is designed especially for musicians to make it easy to write far better songs.

The method is based on a large amount of research into creativity, accelerated development and human genius. And what it aims to do is allow musicians to write music and lyrics in the same way as the greatest musicians in the world.

Instead of trying to follow set formulas, you get to explore the vast amount of creativity you have at your disposal. This will result in you writing unique, exciting musical ideas that captivate large audiences and instantly win approval from your peers.

I’ve compiled this research into easy to follow exercises and techniques that immediately allow you to take advantage of the amazing resources you have inside of you.

You’ve probably heard that you’re only using a fraction of the resources inside your brain at any time. Well it turns out this is especially true when it comes to writing music… however there are special techniques that can allow you to use far more of these resources… which will results in a dramatic “jump” in the quality of your song ideas.

These techniques can be found in a course I’ve created… and you can learn about this course here.

(There’s something quite strange about the first training you’ll receive – which is free by the way. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it :-)

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