How To Write Music That's Highly Inspirational, And Set's You Apart From The "Average" Musician

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If you want to become a legendary songwriter/musician, you are about to discover something very valuable.

There is one thing that most of the musical "greats" have in common. And this is a thing that you can adopt easily with just a slight change of mindset…

… a small "tweak" in the way you see things…

Ok, here’s what I'm talking about.

The majority of all the great artists in the world are PROLIFIC.

What does that mean?

Well firstly, here's the dictionary definition of the word "prolific".

"producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive"

And this is what the "greats" have in common. They all create, create, create. They don't let anything slow them down, and as a result they write many albums worth of mind blowing music that changes people's lives and are talked about for years.

Are you a prolific songwriter or do you struggle to write high quality music on a frequent basis?

Now what I'm about to say is extremely important, so pay attention to this next sentence!

One of the reasons that these "greats" become SO good at songwriting is BECAUSE they are prolific. Now, these artists are naturally gifted of course, but simply the act of being a prolific songwriter magnifies this talent tenfold.

There is a basic principle of psychology that states that "you get more of what you reinforce".

You can apply this principle to ANYTHING and you will discover that it holds as true as the law of gravity. More on this in a second…

First, let's look at the actions of a prolific songwriter, and then how this actually results in songwriting brilliance.

As the definition of the word "prolific" states…

"producing in large quantities or with great frequency"

Now in a songwriting sense this simply means creating many songs at a fast rate. So you would expect that a songwriter who is seen as being "prolific" is very likely writing music everyday.

This suggests some very important things about the attitude of these musicians.

  • They obviously ENJOY sitting down to write music and are PASSIONATE about it. Without this drive it would be difficult to devote the time to be a prolific songwriter.
  • They are curious as to what new possibilities and musical ideas they can explore.
  • They don't "judge" what they create until after they've created it. (IMPORTANT)

Now, if you can write music with this sort of attitude, and spend time working on songs most days, then you too will become prolific.

And what happens when you make this shift?

Well, as I mentioned earlier there is a law of psychology that states: "you get more of what you reinforce".

By writing music every day you will leverage this powerful law. You will reinforce some important things which will greatly magnify your results as a songwriter.

You will reinforce that you are a creative songwriter whose ideas are WORTH pursuing. And because you are reinforcing this, as this law states, you get more of it. This means that you will get more ideas, much easier AND of a higher quality.

If you understand and leverage this principle, you won't believe the improvements you can make in your songwriting. It's sort of like developing your "songwriting muscle".

At first when you are trying to write music regularly you may find it hard to stay inspired and create interesting ideas.

However over time, this "songwriting muscle" builds.

As you reinforce to yourself that you're a songwriter worthy of great ideas, ideas will come faster. Your songwriting muscle will become stronger and stronger. And then all of a sudden you'll realize that you're creating song after compelling song… and it's effortless and tremendous fun!

Prolific, great songwriters are this way because they've been acknowledging this law for long enough, and have built up their "songwriting muscle". As a result of this they spend much of their time in a "blissful creative high" where there’s no end to their creativity.

Now there are a few other things at play here. For example your songwriting process is crucial to building this "muscle". You need a process that allows you to access your deepest creative resources, or else you will struggle to come up with new ideas regularly.

There are a few other secrets to being a groundbreaking, prolific songwriter.

Fortunately you can "shortcut" to this by learning about the important concepts in my book "The Songwriting Genius Within You".

This book covers all you need to know to be an exciting, prolific songwriter who people talk about and look up to.

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There are procedures outlined in this book that you won't find in any other training, however they are FAR more effective than the songwriting methods used in even the most prestigious music universities and courses.

Ok, I want to end here with a quick formula to becoming a prolific songwriter and creating a large body of enviable music.

1. Firstly, write music as often as you can.

2. Never judge the quality of your ideas as you are in "creating" mode. A great way to make this easy is to record your creative sessions. Use a simple recording program such as Audacity to record every second of your performance.

Instead of sitting there and trying to "think up" new ideas… simply play your instrument or write your lyrics, completely uncensored and don't judge anything you do for a second.

It's this free flowing, carefree style of creating that will allow you to tap into your best ideas.

3. Make a recording of all your ideas and listen back to them frequently. This is where much of the progress is made. As you listen back you will learn a phenomenal amount about the way you're writing music, and how you can improve.

Well, I hope you feel inspired to put yourself into that "prolific songwriter" category. It's a special and acclaimed place to be!

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