Writing better lyrics through storytelling

by Doris Hays
(Topeka, Illinois)

Yes, I agree with you - I started out writing short stories and graduated to writing song lyrics the only thing -it was pointed out to me by Keith Bradford of nbrn.fm internet radio that essays and stories are fine to get an idea but one has to put the lyric in song format-which means you have to incorporate rhyme-either the last word in the 1st and third line or the 2nd and last line rhyme.

I started doing that and he accepted my song lyrics.Now I am on 16 internet stations and started appearing on the top 50 chart. thank you doris hays to hear some of my work go to nbrn.fm click on links and click on txcma go to members music -click on doris hays and viola 4 of my songs are listed there. or click on my picture and visit my website.

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