Cross That Line

by Donna Hummel Smith
(Cleveland, Tx, USA)

Advice is only helpful if you use it. It usually comes from someone who has been there, done that and has earned the right to give advice.

My experience, however, in writing songs has been to encourage the development of my compassion for others and what they are going through.

Then I question, what would I do in their situation? How can I learn from this experience?

I allow myself to run the gambit of emotions that these questions stir...with pen in hand.

Such was the case of the song 'Cross That Line'.

A young man that my pastor husband was counseling, was dealing with a drug addiction. His words said he wanted to give up the drugs, he knew the right things to say, yet his actions were the true evidence of his desires.

Night after night I watched as he drained my husband of energy and emotions. I penned these words from that experience:

1. Well the road is rough and the climb is hard and everyone looks to you, to make the way, or save the day in what they see or do.

And you know that you have no more strength to give to the fight, and so you pray for help today to make it through the night

Chorus: You've got to cross that line, and trust him one more time, step out on faith from here, let go of the things you fear, take hold of his nail-pierced hand, for he calms winds at his command, You've got to cross that line and trust him one more time.

by: Donna Hummel Smith Copywrite 2008 - OUR JOURNEY HOME
MorningStar Records Artist: NEW DIRECTION MINISTRIES

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Nov 08, 2011
by: D Smith

Yes, Phillip, I have - it is on 'OUR JOURNEY HOME' recording. You can find us on facebook under NEW DIRECTION MINISTRIES OF TEXAS and click on our INFO PAGE to hear a clip of the song -CROSS THAT LINE. We are working a new recording at this time with RFM Nashville - which is Ron Fairchild Music.
I think the recording could have turned out better of Cross that Line, (it was done with the Eddie Crook Co.) but the song and it's arrangement turned out very effective and is a great ministering tool for our evangelism ministry, especially with the whole story being told of our 30 yr old foster son who died from drug abuse - his name was Phillip Johnston.

Nov 08, 2011
Excellent method and result
by: Philip Quintas - Fort Worth, TX


You've written a powerful lyric. I'd love to hear the music that goes with it. Have you recorded it?

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