Fear of Feedback lol

by RapOet
(Hartford, CT)

Persistence and consistency lead to success. Talent (and even experience) just gives one a head start or incentive to be consistent. I know you're right about the feedback loop as well. Since taking your course, I've written and recorded more regularly than in years.

Yet, I must admit I have a fear of the feedback loop, because it grows bigger and bigger, and therefore when it's time to critique it or sift through it, it's gotten so tremendous that it takes forever to look through.

Two ideas that are helping me chop through this fear:
1. Don't look through the entire trove of work, just look through the most recent (if you continue the feedback loop regularly, the most recent has been informed/strengthened by the old stuff anyway).

2. Critique or create songs from the feedback loop regularly, instead of letting it pile up to a big insurmountable task.

Your course is great and one thing I've noticed is that when I'm collaborating with others, I'm already prepared and quick to go in the zone, just because of being in the habit of writing a few bars here and there, whenever I'm inspired on a daily basis.

So again it's not so much about having a bunch of material to use, it's more about having created a bunch of material, and therefore being confident, primed, and quick to create a bunch more at any given moment due to being in that habit.

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