For Songwriting Beginners!

Attention Songwriting Beginners: You’re about to discover a songwriting procedure that will help you write your first songs quickly and easily. Even better, you will LOVE every song you write!

If you’re just beginning your songwriting journey, I’ve got some important information for you.

This will get you off to a great start in your songwriting career, and get you up and running quickly.

So what is this information I have for you?

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Well it’s a songwriting procedure you can go through which will allow you to write a song very quickly, without any problems or frustration.

It’s a rock solid step-by-step action plan that will have you writing great songs in no time!

I feel it’s really important for musicians to have this kind of guidance early on… Because if you get too “caught up” in theories or techniques, you can get frustrated and give up very easily.

But follow my step-by-plan… and you’ll have no problems at all!

Now, before I tell you where this plan is, there’s one EXTREMELY important piece of advice I want to give you. I found this out the hard way, so listen up and you’ll potentially bypass a lot of frustration and despair!

Ok, here it is:

Inside you right now (whether you know it or not) are some very strong opinions about what music should sound like.

To understand this, just think about what your “ultimate form” of music would be like. The things that flash into your mind as you think about this will be in line with these “opinions” you have about music.

And these opinions are absolutely crucial to you as a songwriter.

In fact, it’s these opinions that will eventually lead you into interesting and amazing musical territory as you write more and more music!

Now, as you’re just beginning your songwriting journey, what I’ve just said may sound a little complicated or non relevant…

But it’s such an important idea, and I really want you to take it on board.

So Here’s What You Need To Do With This Songwriting Idea

All I want you to do try your best to follow your strong musical opinions.

Let them guide you as you begin to write music and lyrics.

If you do this as best you can you will slowly transform into a unique songwriter who brings something new and interesting into the world!

With that, I’d like to refer you to the songwriting procedure I was discussing earlier.

Have fun with this procedure and enjoy your songwriting journey to the fullest!

And don’t forget that the way you feel about music… your opinions about it… the direction you instinctively go in when you write…

This is important and you should treasure it.

Well, here’s the songwriting beginners procedure.

Songwriting Beginners Writing Procedure