Songwriting in dreams

by Jack

I am wondering if you have discovered any substantial information concerning people like Michael Jackson who have been fortunate to have music come to them in their dreams. I am a songwriter and I have been dreaming of music very often as of late. It usually happens in one of 2 ways: either I am dreaming that I am listening to music I have recently recorded and feeling like it is very good, but upon waking I know that it is not music I have written/recorded in real life, and of course unfortunately I cannot recall it strongly enough to take something from it and it is extremely frustrating. The other way is that I dream I am either attending a concert or listening to a 'newly released' single of an artist/band I admire, and I am blown away and experiencing that joy and wonder that I get when I hear something new that I love, when in fact, it is obviously not real because it is a dream. Again, I cannot remember it. I would love to be able to somehow have more control over these states of mind so that I could channel these opportunities and access my subconscious, which I know is teeming with useful creativity, and, potential genius. I have experienced fairly vivid synesthesia since childhood, and I remember feeling then that when I get older that I will be able to do something special. Since then and over the years I have written some beautiful music that I am proud of, but still not to a satisfactory level, especially not at the rate of proliferation that I desire and once expected. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know. By the way, the author of This is your Brain on Music is Daniel Levitin. I would also like to know some of your sources of information.

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Aug 13, 2015
listen together NEW
by: Luann D

Apply the techniques described to write songs to advance your career by finding new ways to expose yourself. Use the internet to find unusual places to play and learn who owns them and talk to the owners about getting booked there. Think in terms of how what you do can benefit others and use that perspective when talking to people about playing in their venues. Just a few ideas you might find helpful.

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