Tape It

by Larry Cole
(St. Pete,FL-USA)

Some of the best results have come from having a tape recorder handy when the creative juices flow.

The best advice I have every received came from a friend who carries a small hand held tape recorder with him where ever he goes. (A Mini recorder from radio shack)

You can't always carry the instruments with you, but you can sing and capture the lyrics and melody.

Some of the best lyrics and melodies I have done were when I was driving down the road and singing. Then when I got home I couldn't remember anything. I have been doing this not only with the hand held, but also with the songwritting team at church. I take a small multi track with me to every session and record all our jamin's.

An example of what I'm talking about happened about a month ago. Our lead guitar player came up with a nice lick during our jam session. When I got to listen later, I really thought his work was good. I rerecorded the song and put his guitar lick in. I played the cd for him and asked him if he remembered that lick. He said NO. He had to learn the part all over again even though he was the one who created it.

Record it!
It works!

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