by Greg Hoover
(Manlius, NY - USA)


I have been a Home Builder for 30+ years & this is the process that takes place to creating spaces & buildings that people sya when complete..."that's it" & it works well on all levels because it was THEIR CREATION that I got from them by them free talking to me about what they want & my asking generating questions that elicit their FEELING about what they need, want to see, what is beautiful & proper for them to actually live in....we usually over achieve their expectations. All of your course did employ this & I do know Tim Gallway & Maharaji FYI.

Now in writing music, I was actually doing what I found you have nicely drilled down into a very good practical course on writing songs. When folks ask me seriously how I come out with so many songs that are quite good, I also give them the serious answers like mush of what is in your course.

Question: Do you find that when you spend so much time in the "sensitivity" of allowing the (sub)or unconscious to play sometimes other folks think you are distant or self centered? I find balance is the key & to be conscious of this so that, though creative we don't also estrange ourselves from those close to us, as we are off to the creative side so much. Is that what you get too?

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