by Jeff McGaha
(Loudon, TN)

I bought your ebook a few months ago, and I wish I would have known that information over 20 years ago when I started learning the art of songwriting. In the past, I made it a goal for about seven years in a row to write and record one album per year with about 9 to 12 songs on each album. One of my songs on one of the albums is called "Somewhere There's a Song", and it talks about hearing small parts of a song throughout the night that expresses everything just right, but the song is always just beyond the singers reach to lay hold of it. Although I accomplished my goal, I really slowed down on the songwriting production after that because I became frustrated. It was so hard to keep writing trying to use my conscious mind only, and it was very expensive to hire someone else to record for me and I didn't have a big income. I've always woke up in the middle of the night and had music going through my mind, but I didn't take that important step of getting out of bed and documenting it with a recorder and my instrument. Since I've read your book, I've gotten up every time I woke up with an original song going through my head and recorded it. I've had over 30 original songs in the last few months! Only a few of them could I remember the whole song, but most of time I remember the main part of the song. I know I have a lot more songs going through my mind that my subconscious is writing during sleep because I've awakened and knew a song had been there, but I couldn't remember it, so my question is how do I remember more of these songs, and more of each song? Is there a technique that is best for this type of writing? Thank you for sharing the wonderful information with me.

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